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How to Make Your Shoes Slip-resistant

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 12, 2020
If you have been landing up head over heels on slippery surfaces, thanks to the footwear you possess, it is time you reevaluate your condition. Making your shoes slip-resistant is what this story is all about. Let's take a quick look at the various ways in which you maybe able to escape from the embarrassment that you have been facing.
The last thing you would ever ask for is seeing yourself somersault when you are in the company of dignitaries who have been waiting for you in the conference room so that you may begin your presentation on potential business propositions.
Imagine if this scenario takes place where you have landed up flat on the veneer flooring instead of the presentation dice. Well, thanks to you, here is a bunch of embarrassed souls in the room; you and your audience! Or wait a moment, is it thanks to you or is it your non slip-resistant shoes that are at fault?
If you have an innate ability to fall and trip at every step, you are to be blamed; however, if this was an accident that has become a repeat telecast of sorts, it is courtesy the shoes you wear.
We are often negligent and pay very little attention to the kind of footwear we sport. Some are of the view that as far as the shoes protect our feet, they are perfectly all right.
However, does the term 'all right' work in terms of choosing the right pair, especially when you are exposed to an environment that demands you to walk on slippery surfaces all day long? It is time that we switch to shoes that make us feel comfortable and give us the very precious peace of mind when we are walking.
I am sure you will keep this in mind the next time you think of making a shoddy shoe buy. However, there are footgear available, that are extremely comfortable; it is just that they do not arm us enough to resist slipping over. It is when they are in great condition that you do not want to show them the sight of the door.

Tips to Make Your Shoes Skid-resistant

~ If you have a bad fall almost every time you sport a particular pair of shoes, try to stick two bandages - the adhesive ones, at the back of the anterior part of the shoe. Place them on the heel as well for an enhanced grip. This will prevent further falls.
It is also a quick fix when you are running short of time and have no other option but to wear heels that are currently the most presentable ones available with you.
~ Another very interesting and long-lasting method to have you navigate safe and sound is to attach non-slip soles on the outsides of the shoe.
Along with providing comfort and safety from slipping and skidding it also keeps the shoe soles from wearing out and keeping them in good condition for years together. One may obtain a pair of slip-resistant soles in $7 approximately. Not harsh on your wallet either!
~ If you have soles that are increasingly slippery, refusing to let you stay in place, you may become a bit art-y in nature and get your scissors to crisscross over the shoe soles. Do not go overboard and make it too deep so as to let your feet virtually have no soles at all! Just a few abrasions may do the trick for you.
~ If all this does not work, you may well try some beauty potions to make it finally do the trick. You may certainly blow some hairspray on the soles of the shoe. Do not wear the shoes instantly. Let them dry well.
~ Try to fix an ankle strap that helps you retain your balance while you are on a roll all over the place. Ankle straps can give you the required grip and lessen the chances of you falling.
~ Another option is to rub the bottom of your footwear with sandpaper. This may sound as though it may damage your shoes, however, it will not if you are sensible enough not to scrub the sandpaper on the tangible footwear material.
With these tips, you have understood how to make your shoes slip-resistant and you are sure to have navigated the place safely and cautiously. No more somersaults and no more stunts await you; besides, you don't have to fall head over heels to show how dedicated you are towards your job! (wink, wink!)