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How to Measure Shoe Size

Suketu Mehta Feb 12, 2020
Most people are unaware of their correct shoe size, and hence, end up buying ill-fitting ones. Follow the given step-by-step instructions on how to measure your shoe size.

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When you go to a shoe store to buy shoes, you should know your shoe size so that you do not end up buying the incorrect pair.
If you buy shoes larger than your size, wearing them is not possible and even if you do, walking in them is sure to be a nightmare. Also, shoes smaller than normal size tend to get tight on your foot making you feel uncomfortable.

Measuring Your Shoe Size with Ruler

♦ It is important to collect all materials you will be needing for your job. You will require a blank piece of paper, sticky tape, pencil or pen, and a ruler. You can also keep a tape measure with you, in case you are not comfortable using a ruler. Also ensure that the piece of paper is bigger in size than your feet.
♦ Keep the blank piece of paper on the floor and press it over with your hands to make it smooth. To fix the paper in this position, tape it to the floor from all four corners.

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♦ Remove your shoes. It is important to keep the socks on while measuring your shoe size, as you would obviously wear shoes with socks. This will help you get an accurate measurement.
♦ Place your foot firmly on the paper, and your shin should be a little ahead of your ankle. Your toes should not be curled. Keep a pencil or a pen nearby before you step on the paper, as you would require it shortly.

♦ Now pick up a pencil or pen, and trace an outline of your foot on the paper while standing in the same position.
♦ Hold your pencil or pen straight up and tight while drawing the outline. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, take help from someone. Take this foot back and follow the same procedure with the other foot.

♦ Once you have the outline of both the feet, remove the paper and keep it on a table for you to work on it further.
♦ First, measure the length of your foot, from the heel to tip of your toe. Measure the length of the foot from the toe tip to heels with a ruler and draw a straight line. Note down this measurement on a piece of paper.
♦ To measure the width, place the ruler between two side ends of your foot and draw a straight line at the place where this distance is maximum. Note down this measurement.

♦ Repeat the above step to measure the length and breadth of the second foot.There may be a slight difference in measurements. In such cases, take the larger measurement as your shoe size.
♦ Once you have the measurement of your feet, you can easily get your shoe size from the websites online. To help you with this, a table is provided here that will give you your shoe size depending on your foot measurement.

Shoe Size Chart

This chart will help you with measuring your shoe size once you have your foot measurement:
Measurement (Inches) Men Shoe Size in
9.35 6
9.50 6.5
9.69 7
9.81 7.5
10 8
10.19 8.5
10.31 9
10.50 9.5
10.60 10
10.81 10.5
11 11
11.19 11.5
11.31 12

Tips and Warnings

✜ Whenever your shoe size lies in between two sizes, you should always go with the larger one while picking up shoes.

✜ In case you are measuring for children, you will have to keep doing it every time before buying shoes, as their size keeps increasing very fast.
✜ If you are not being able to draw the outline of your foot, just mark out the end points at your heel and toe line for the length, and the most distant points on the sides for the width. Then take measurement, and continue with the procedure.

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✜ You can use a measuring tape as well instead of a ruler to measure your shoe size.
✜ It is observed that shoes of different brand manufacturers have slight variations when it comes to sizes. Hence, you should always wear and check shoes before buying.
Try this at home and find the proper shoe size before you buy a pair. This should prevent you from buying shoes of the wrong size, and also help you when you are purchasing shoes online.