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How to Pick the Best Sunglasses

Mrunal Belvalkar Feb 17, 2020
Picking the wrong sunglasses can really make your whole ensemble look bad. And the right ones can totally help you shine out while staying cool! With so many to choose from, it all depends on your facial structure and the clothes you're wearing.
It's a nice, bright, sunny summer afternoon, and you are going to meet your gal pals for lunch at this lovely restaurant. You take one final look in the mirror. An off-white colored dress with delicate spaghetti straps and beautiful pink flowers sits elegantly on your shoulders.
Your perfectly coordinated pink bag looks like it was made to go with the dress. Kitten heels adorn your feet, and the big summer hat you picked up exactly for days like these only adds to your charm and elegance. You can almost hear the boys sing "Pretty Woman" as you step out of the house!
Can you spot what is missing in the given ensemble, though? Nah, not makeup; we are more than sure you are NOT going to miss out on that. So what is it? A pair of sunglasses!
Sunglasses, apart from giving you protection against the cruel summer, have become more of a fashion accessory these days. People, even celebrities, are seen sporting a fancy pair of sunglasses indoors, if it goes well with the attire.
However, a pair of sunglasses that has been picked upon an impulse and without much thought or meditation, can often take away from your look! Sunglasses come in many sizes and shapes, and it is important to know which ones you can carry off and which not!

Best Sunglasses for your Face Shape

Your face maybe round, square, tall, oval, etc. Accordingly, the pair of sunglasses you pick will differ. Here is a list of some of the common sunglass patterns and tips on which face type would they suit the most!

The Classic Aviators

You think of aviators and you can picture a distinguished looking man; tall, dark, broad shoulders, a rugged look, wearing an army or air force uniform, and carrying a helmet under his arm.
The aviators are more commonly worn by the militia, making them a military inspired fashion trend. For this very reason, it is not any ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry who can carry off an aviator with style.
Aviators look especially good on tall, long faces rather than broad, round ones. Aviators on a man with a stubble and high cheek bones is a look to die for.
At the same time, a woman who can carry off a pair of Aviators is a definite turn on! Aviators, however, have very thin temple arms, and hence do not give much protection against dust, or while driving. It is best to wear them when you are not going to be driving or traveling in a vehicle.

Reflective Sunglasses

Also called mirrored sunglasses, one has to be very careful while picking a pair of reflective sunglasses. The simple reason behind so much caution is, if you do not select the correct pair, it can look cheap, flashy and really distasteful! Never hurry while buying a pair of mirrored sunglasses.
Take the time out to try all different shapes, and especially all different colors of optical coatings. Black or brown coatings look good on almost all skin colors and face types.
However the colored ones do not look nice on everybody, but there are people who can pull of a pair and actually make you want to buy one yourself!


These are probably the most popular ones among all different sunglasses nowadays. Shades are very comfortable because of the fact that the glasses are shaded. Shades usually come in big sizes.
However, most of them have rounded edges and hence go well on almost anybody. Shades are convenient because the naturally graded glasses allow you to use them in bright sunlight, as well as on a cloudy day. Shades come in a variety of colors.
They come with broad temple arms and hence give good protection. Except for the corporate look, you can throw on a pair of shades over almost any kind of ensemble; skirts, dresses, jeans, semi-casuals, capris, shorts and tees, anything.
They are the ultimate multipurpose sunglasses. A personal favorite and a strong recommendation as well!

Square Sunglasses

Square, or for that matter, rectangular; sunglasses look best on people who have sharp features and a more-or-less proportional face. Your face should be neither too drawn out, nor too round and chubby. Square sunglasses are probably the most common ones.
Many people have the misconception that square framed sunglasses do not look good on women. But that is what it is; a misconception. Look at the woman alongside. Do you still think so? Square sunglasses give good coverage and protect you well from the sun.
The ones that come with broad temple arms work best while driving. The rectangular ones, on the other hand, will give you the perfect corporate look. They look sleek, and classy, especially the ones with a metal frame.

Retro Sunglasses

Think retro, and the first thing that comes to your mind is tacky sunglasses! And in spite of being tacky, retro sunglasses are a fashion rage! They are typically large white color framed glasses. The glasses themselves are usually tinted, most commonly red or wine colored.
Retro sunglasses are an indispensable part of retro dressing. Wearing a pair of retro sunglasses isn't so much about the shape and color as it is about being able to pull off the complete retro look.
You do not usually wear a pair of retro sunglasses on a chic skirt or a nice western dress. But they go very well with floral print summer dresses and skirts. They also look nice on capris, flip-flops, bright colored tees and a scarf around the neck.
For the guys, however, it becomes quite difficult to team up a pair of retro sunglasses with anything apart from retro clothes.

Sunglasses for Kids

This may seem quite an unexpected point, but your child's eyes are far more delicate, and hence in far more need of protection than yours! Do not hesitate to pick a pair for your kids. They will love you for it.
Picking sunglasses for your kids calls for different points of consideration - they should not be too heavy, too delicate, or too grownup. Do not shy away from picking patterned, striped, dotted or star or heart-shaped sunglasses. They look absolutely adorable.

Some Other Considerations...

Be sure to think about the following points too while picking up a pair of sunglasses for yourself

▪ Usage: If you are picking sunglasses for daily use, pick ones that come in a durable material. Also prefer scratch-proof glasses over ordinary ones. Think utility first, and then style.
▪ Material: Plastic? Fiberglass? Metal? Know the pros and cons of each type of sunglasses and buy one that you would be most comfortable in. If you have allergy towards certain metals, pick fiber or plastic sunglasses
▪ Special Purpose Sunglasses: Make sure to pick correct sunglasses if you are going to wear them under special conditions. If you are a professional biker, or if you are a travel photographer, or a journalist, you are going to be out in the sun for quite some time.
You may also be exposed to more of dust and wind than the rest of us. Select sunglasses that will protect you against all of this.

Beware of Fake-ologists!

It is important to be able to spot fake sunglasses when you go to pick a pair for yourself if you do not want to be heavily duped! Usually designer sunglasses; ones like Jackie O, for example have something of a hallmark, or a hologram. Look for these. Even label names are often changed.
Apart from being duped, this can become quite a serious issue if you are buying special sunglasses meant to give you special protection. Imagine the disaster if you buy mirrored glasses because your eyes go red and start to water, and the coating comes off within a couple of weeks! Eyes are precious; do justice when spending on eye gear.
Sunglasses have transformed from just a necessity into a fashion pre-requisite. They are more about style nowadays, so it is not uncommon for people to have more than just a single pair of sunglasses.
Some types go with some attires, and hence you need several different ones in your closet. Hope you will pick a pair that looks like it was meant to be yours! Happy shopping!