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How to Rock the Perfect Tomboy Look

Meghraj Dhabale Feb 27, 2020
Mention the word tomboy, and the image that springs to mind is pop singers like Pink and Avril Lavigne. A dude look and cool attitude epitomizes this look. So, here are some tips and suggestions to pull off a perfect tomboy look.

Did You Know

In nineteenth-century America, the tomboy look first emerged as a lifestyle (exercise, clothes and food) trend adopted to improve the health of girls between the ages of 8 to 13.

Flaunt a cool jacket or hood with a starter cap

Just the facial expressions and attire are enough for you to be all over the crowd.
Folks envy such a show-me-whatcha-got kind of attitude. Cool cargo pants and unlaced sneakers or tractor shoes complement this look.

Rings, denim jacket folded at the cuffs, with newsboy cap

This look highlights your aggressive side. A pair of chinos with contrasting-colored canvas shoes would complete the look.

A cool baseball cap, fade-colored top with blazer

This look can also be achieved by pairing it with fade denims and unlaced sneakers. Another option is to sport a tie. It is a kind of sober tomboy look.

A sleeveless dorky top along with a skull cap

At first glance, this look spells a no-nonsense, that's-how-we-roll type of attitude. A raunchy thought printed on your top along with a nose ring, cool denims and white sneakers, and you are set to go.

A white full-sleeve shirt with a low neck T-shirt inside

Fade blue denim and white canvas shoes reflect a MY-CASTLE-MY-RULES kind of attitude.
Closely tied hair or a short hairstyle can also look fabulous, a pair of cool shades can further complement this attire.

A layering shirt with a round-neck T-shirt inside

Rock this look with a pair of close fit denims and tractor shoes. A baseball cap worn reverse is sure to enhance the street-smart look.

A tennis cap, hot denim shorts, T-shirt and short denim jacket

This outfit paired with red canvas shoes or sneakers rock the tomboy look completely.

Casual tomboy outfit

A full-sleeve T-shirt with khaki or red chinos and suspenders, nuff said. The color of the shirt and chinos could complement each other. This look rocks with leather, ankle shoes.

Sober tomboy look with sweater

A plain formal shirt with folded cuffs really looks amazing. The subtle additions that enhance this look are short hair, glasses, formal belt, and very importantly, the shoes.

A rocking tomboy look

Leather jackets epitomize the masculine look.
What better way to pull off a tomboy look than to sport a short leather jacket paired with a cool denim shirt a pair of black jeans. You can enhance by sporting an Elvis-style hairstyle, shades, and belt. A point to remember though, the socks should match with shirt, and shoes with the jacket.

Cute and Adorable

For school girls, a khaki cargo or 3/4th , T-shirt and contrasting half-sleeved jacket with a prop like a skateboard or tricycle looks cute and adorable. School-going girls sporting a ponytail and dungaree also looks pretty cool and charming.

Accessories enhancing tomboy look

Accessories like a big buckled leather belt, biker's leather jacket, leather wristband, and big dial watch looks cool and will add to the attitude. Rings on all fingers, especially thumb rings, are all about conveying a tomboy attitude.
Whatever you wear should complement your attitude. Expensive clothes might make you look rich, but it's the attitude that makes you look richer. All you need is an appropriate attire and a couple of accessories to rock tomboyville. The body language along with a blend of bold, care-a-damn kind of attitude will surely help your rock the perfect tomboy look.