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How to Style a High-Low Dress

Sheetal Mandora
Vibrant and flowy, the high-low trend is a great way to demonstrate your "in vogue" style. So, if you wanted some tips on how to style a high-low dress, take a look at this story for useful suggestions.

She's Just Not That Into It

If you're not particularly interested in getting all dressed up, you can still embrace the trend in a casual manner. Wear a high-low maxi instead. Add wedge heels or flat sandals, and you're good to go.
Due to its asymmetrical hemline, a high-low dress can go from brunch to happy hour with ease. The high waist top, with full, spin-out bottom makes this style a must-have for your closet. It's trendy, comes in numerous colors, patterns, and lengths, and is ridiculously versatile.
Many would argue that this dress is best kept for spring or summer seasons. However, it does possess the potential to rock autumn months if you know how to style a high-low dress correctly. Regardless of when you wish to wear this dress, take a few pointers on accessorizing a high-low dress, and look chic.

How to Accessorize a High-Low Dress

Apart from the dress, this trend has transitioned to skirts as well. So, if you're wearing a high-low skirt instead, you can apply the same styling concepts that are mentioned below. Just remember one essential point—keep the occasion in mind before you finalize the style of dress, along with shoes and accessories.
Add femininity and drama to your next cocktail party with this gorgeous green dress.
The Cocktail Party Dress
Although there are many colors that complement a green dress, gold accessories are my personal favorite. However, if you'd like to try something different this time, you can opt to go with accessories in beige, white, black, and even dark green hues. Just remember that all the items provide your outfit a "finished" look, rather than a forced one.
The Coffee Date Dress
Meeting your fella for a cuppa?
Perhaps a "not so obvious" high-low dress can awaken him! The subtle color and hemline surely makes this dress a true winner for the occasion. Accessorize with some care and subtly; the overall look doesn't require any bold statements. Aim to look classy, but with an attitude that says you're not overlooking the "fun" aspect.
Office parties can be boring.
The Office Party Dress
But that doesn't mean your ensemble should correspond with the ambiance. Switch on some drama and pizzazz with a leopard print dress, and accessorize smartly. Since we don't want to make the outfit too revealing or "much too much" for an office party, wear a cute lace shrug.
The Prom Night Dress
I can't put my finger on it, but this dress manages to look dainty and delicate, yet so fierce and edgy. Leave the clichéd pastel-colored and vibrant, glossy gowns behind, and go with this mystifying blue-green leopard print dress instead.
You know the dress has potential when you can't keep your eyes off it. Match accessories depending on the colors of the dress, and you've got nothing but fun to look forward to.
Be flirty, be graceful.
The Romantic Date Dress
A mint-green pastel dress is what you need to make him fall for you, hard. Enjoy the date without fussing about what you're going to wear (because this dress is perfect). And if you're going for a romantic, yet adventurous date, skip the heels and go straight for ballets or flats.
The Wedding Celebration
To make a subtle, yet an impactful entrance at a wedding, what better way than this gorgeous high-low dress. This style can be worn both formally and casually, regardless of the weather. If you want, you can include cobalt accessories that match and complement the dress, or go crazy with bright orange or hot pink accessories.
The Girls' Night Out Dress
Oh, the possibilities! Purple is a wonderful hue to work with. Choose accessories in gold, silver, purple, black, beige, and brown colors, and you can never go wrong. For a night on the town with the gals, throw this number together and work the night in style. No one will be able to take their eyes off you.