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How to Tailor Jeans

Bhakti Satalkar Feb 14, 2020
Have you noticed a pair of denims on somebody and wanted a similar pair for yourself? I will tell you the steps of tailoring a pair of jeans and then you can also have a pair similar to the one you adored.
You want to buy a new pair of jeans, but in spite of trying on 15 odd pairs, you are not able to get the right pair. In such a situation, why don't you tailor your own pair with these steps on how to tailor jeans? You can also hem or distress them to make them fit well and look more stylish.


Before you actually venture into tailoring your own jeans, I suggest you first try your skills on an old pair that you are probably going to throw away because it does not give you the desirable fit.
  • Draw a sketch of your most favorite pair of jeans. Now, measure the vital areas that need to be changed for this pair to look similar to your favorite piece.
Before you start measuring, here is a small tip: pull the measuring tape tight and then start the measurements. You will have to measure the waist, crotch to waistband, and hips. Measure the widest area of the hips, thighs, thigh to knee length, and the total length. It is usually in one of these areas that the fit goes for a toss.
Make sure you note the measurements on a piece of paper. It is not a very good idea to just make a mental note of the measurements.
  • Now that the measurements are ready, see where the problem (with the jeans to be tailored) lies. With the help of the measurements taken, you will be able to find the problem area within no time.
If the problem is in the total length of the jeans, cut off the extra length. Then you will have to sew the cuff back in such a fashion that the alteration is not noticed.
  • If the problem area is the thighs, you will have to remove the seam stitch. Mark the measurements with a marker. You will have to stitch along the new markings. If the pair is loose, mark with the marker in the same fashion and stitch along the new markings.
After having stitched, you will have to cut the extra part out as it tends to bulge and give a strange look to the jeans.
  • The waist area is relatively easier to tailor. If it needs to be loosened, you just need to open the waist band stitch and sew it back to the desired size. In case your waist is smaller in size than the waist measurement, you will have to tuck the jeans equally on both sides.
Never make the mistake of tucking the entire chunk to one of the sides. It is advisable to tuck the jeans just above the hips, as it is not visible. If tucked on the sides, the tucks stands out making themselves visible.
At times, it is a wonderful idea to re-embellish an old pair of jeans. More often than not, it is difficult to get a good fitting pair. Also, you may be bored with the look of the old pair. Re-embellishment will make the old pair look good and new.
You can add patches or beautify with studs to give your jeans the unique designer look. The other option is to rip your jeans. With these steps, you can actually become a tailor yourself and stitch a new pair of jeans or simply turn an old pair into a new stunning one.