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Ideas On How To Decorate Garment with Patches

Matt Thompson Oct 17, 2019
It is always an amazing pleasure to customize own cloth the way you want. Customizing garment with embroidered patches or badges is an old trend and it is an art. When you are customizing your cloth with the patches it becomes a satisfactory job to do.
There are many ways to customization your cloth with badges or patches. Nowadays people come with many different kinds of ideas for clothing customization with patches. Some of the ideas are very simple and stress-free. Let's sort out some of the smooth ideas to embroidery patches on cloth.

Sew on the patches

An ancient way to embroid patches on cloth. There are two ways to sew on the patches on cloth either you can buy a patch and sew it on cloth or you can make a custom patch by sewing using thread.

Iron the patches on cloth

One of the popular features of a patch is iron-on. Iron-on patches are very simple and easy to put on the cloth. Put the patch on the right place of the cloth then iron the patch properly it will be placed on the cloth very smoothly. So you don't need to make and extra effort for this. 

Self-adhesive patches

This is another feature of patches. In the self-adhesive patches there is some kind of sticky substance that makes it a smooth sticky patch. You just need to place the patch in the right angle of the cloth. As it has a sticky substance it will automatically adjust with your cloth. You don't need to do moistening.

Velcro Patches

There is another kind of patches called velcro patches. Velcro is a kind of fastener for cloth. Patches with this feature usually consist of two-part one is hook and another one is loop. You need to sew up the hook to your cloth then press the loop containing patches.
So these are some of the coolest and smooth ideas to customize your cloth with patches. These ideas are very simple and time-consuming.

There is another thing that needs to keep in mind while buying patches. Border of patches is very important so choose merrow border or hot cut border based on the type of cloth.