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Keeping Up With the Trends of 2020

Learn the trends of this fashion forward year!
Lindsey Patterson Mar 28, 2020
For better or for worse, your clothing says a lot about you. The visual image that a person gets when they see you is probably how they will remember you for a long time - so most of us want that image to be as favorable as possible.
Since there are so many shapes and sizes of people on the planet, trends are fortunately somewhat fluid, and often styles that were once popular do come around to the forefront of fashion once again at some point. Creativity and uniqueness are also more appreciated these days.
No matter what your personal taste is, there is bound to be something that will work for you. Here are some basics trending this year to consider for your well-stocked wardrobe.

Lovely Leather

Despite the tradition of wearing leather clothing in colder months, this year the option is seasonless. Thanks to its durable and versatile nature, you can wear leather in a variety of ways and remain practically fashionable.
Try mixing and matching with different styles - for example, a pair of leather white platform sneakers will go great with that femininely floral mid-length dress. Or throw a black motorcycle jacket over your standard office attire - they look great with pencil skirts!
Similarly, leather skirts are amazing with soft fitted sweaters in any color or pattern - or go for edgy and wear a leather skirt with a lace top and heeled boots.

Cheery Yellow

Nothing says happiness quite like the right shade of yellow. It reminds us of sunshine, spring flowers and warmth. For clothing, yellow can be an excellent eye catcher or a subtle accompaniment to a bold statement piece.
Work this tone into your wardrobe with a muted thin gold belt paired with a bold printed sundress, a cardigan in a lemony shade layered over your office attire for chilly days, or even an elastic pastel flower to hold up your ponytail during any month of the year.
On top of the vast clothing options, yellow is also a wonderfully warming shade that looks good on anyone, regardless of hair or skin color - so adding little pops of it to your look will also do wonders for your overall appearance. Warm your face, enhance the shimmer of your hair and bring out the depths of your eyes with any of these shades.
In other words, when choosing your color for the day - glow with yellow!

Long Dresses

The hem of women’s skirts has been a rollercoaster of length trends. From toe-skimming Victorian to go-go dancer mini skirts, the fashion world has seen a lot of change and back-and- forth fads.
One of the most recurring fashions over the last several decades has been that of the long skirt and “maxi dress” originally brought into vogue during the 1960’s and 1970’s “hippie” generation. Every other year or so, the maxi dress comes back for the spring and summer quarters.
It is available in just about every color and print imaginable, and is popular because of its comfort and varied designs. The woman wearing the maxi dress or long skirt can enjoy the feminine feel of a skirt while also being modest and covered up, if that is what she desires.
The beauty of the long skirt also lies in the fact that, because it covers the legs, it can serve as a transition piece into fall when worn with a long-sleeved shirt and/or boots. It can look casual worn alone with flat shoes, or dressy when worn with dainty heeled sandals. It is truly essential for your closet that can be your go-to base for many months!
Whatever you like to wear, make it your own and let your unique self shine through. You don’t have to be a fashion queen to enjoy clothing, and not everyone has to look like a cookie cutter copy of a stranger from the pages of a magazine. Be you, and be happy!