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Know About the Actresses With Big Nose

Matt Thompson Sep 28, 2019
We all are obsessed with our beauty but sometimes God doesn’t do justice with all body parts. A big nose is one such problem many people face and you would be amazed that there are even actresses with big noses. Some of them choose plastic surgery whereas there are models who slay their big nose like a pro.
A big nose is not a problem if you have perfect makeup skill or not ashamed. It is as beautiful as any other nose. If you are wondering about models with big noses, some are listed here for you to check out.

Lake Bell

This gorgeous lady from Hollywood has a big nose but she is not ashamed of it rather she feels her nose as a part of her beauty asset and honestly we all need to be just like her.
She also states about a female being insecure about their assets whereas she is proud of what she has which is great for sure.

Meryl Streep

This lady is not from the new generation but her beauty cannot be competed even now, which tells a lot about her grace. She too had a big nose but always walked with confidence and never had surgery for her nose.

Lizzy Caplan

Her big nose complements her face and she is proud of it. Her big eyes look amazing with the big nose. She was never embarrassed of her big nose and faced cameras confidently as she chose to live with her big nose.

Uma Thurman

She was not confident of her nose and agrees that as an actor she feels embarrassed at times but surgery was not her choice. She chooses makeup and now she doesn’t mind her big nose at all.

Lea Michele

She is so grateful that you would fall in love with her. Her nose compliments her facial structure and she never felt like correcting it. Light nose contour always helped her in embracing her nose.

Penelope Cruz

This lady has lots of followers and also has a big nose. She always feels that her personality is stronger than her big nose and so she never got insecure due to her nose, which is great.

Priyanka Chopra

This Bollywood star is now rocking Hollywood. Back then she had a big nose, but for her perfection was the only thing. She chose to have plastic surgery. Now she has a comparatively slimmer nose.
These were some of the best actress and models with big noses and to know more about such things you can browse through fashionterest.