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Types of Leather Bags

Kashmira Lad
There's nothing like a high quality leather bag, to make a statement at any board meeting or a social do. Take your pick from some of the various types and styles mentioned here.
Leather rates very high on the glam quotient when it comes to bags and stylized accessories. This is one such material that is durable, chic, and can be molded easily into trench coats, jewelry, and high-heeled boots that can cause quite a flutter.
This material oozes style, and therefore, remains the most sought-after, amongst fashion-conscious individuals today.
Leather bags prove to be a very good investment, as they last longer, and can be crafted in numerous styles to suit your needs.
They are very popular amongst most ladies, as they are durable and have a rich feel to them. For top quality, you must always stick to a branded label or reputed shops.
These would ensure that you get the best buy from a good range of options available. However, how does one choose the right bag? The options available are bound to tempt you into buying one of each, but the functionality of each type varies. You must decide on the suitability, based on your needs.
Tote Bags
These pieces are a stunner, and are generally worn over the shoulder. They can accommodate a lot of things, which is usually good news for most women.
They are usually known as evening bags or handbags. The working businesswoman definitely prefers stylish leather tote bags to a briefcase, which is now passé.
Ideal for carrying documents and other stuff needed daily, these are designed with special shoulder straps, which makes it easier to carry them, and to help distribute the weight evenly.
These bags come with the provision of numerous, zippered, and large compartments, and also provide you the convenience and style that no other bags could probably offer. They come in quite a few styles, such as:
● Drawstring: Instead of the buttons or zippers, these bags need to be closed with the help of a drawstring, that gives it a round-shaped appearance. This could be an ideal choice for evenings.
● Foldable: As the name suggests, these can be folded or unfolded when required. If you think you have shopped more than required, simply unfold certain areas of this bag, and discover more space!
● Tech Style: This style of totes is a favorite with working women, and comes with strong shoulder straps or sport handles sewn on to the body.
These convenient and stylish bags are very popular with the college crowd as well as working people.
Messenger Bags
Being a style statement, they are very useful for people who need to carry plenty of things around, and are constantly on the move. Generally, these bags are worn across the body, and crafted in various ways to suit the clientele.
In this type, look for adjustable shoulder straps, padded laptop compartments, front flaps for easy access to documents, and metallic snap enclosures.
Some of these bags also come with organized compartments in the front, that can hold cell phones, pens, business cards, small notebooks, etc. If you are a frequent traveler, ensure that your messenger bag can be secured to a wheeled case handle.
These are another popular variety, which come with adjustable straps. Remove those straps, and voila! You have a normal, leather shoulder bag. These bags have reversible fronts, sections, spacious interiors and hidden buckles that make it multipurpose.
Most designer labels have uber-cool patterns. Browse the Internet or visit the store for such designs.
Designer Bags
Look for stylish metal rings and bold colors like reds, maroons, or even a freaky yellow. Apart from the conventional formal patterns, hippie styles are making an appearance as well.
So the basic rule is to break all rules, and go for a unique piece that speaks volumes about your personal taste. Be it a busy day attending office meetings, or a visit to the mall, arm yourselves with a stylish leather bag, and watch people turn green with envy!