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Ideas for Masquerade Dresses

Rutuja Jathar Mar 22, 2020
The fascination to don a mask and become another person just for a while, has led to the idea of having masquerade bashes often these days. You can easily find a huge collection of masquerade dresses, once you decide the kind of look you want to portray.

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Masquerade ball events, which are costume parties with people wearing interesting masks. Masquerade parties are in vogue for those most anticipated prom nights too, wherein youths get one more reason to dazzle everyone at the event with their unique looks.
Hence, as a thumb rule, nothing should be more attractive in a masquerade prom night than an elegant prom dress, an attractive mask and a beautiful you! To make all that possible, wearing the best masquerade dress is a must!

Masquerade Prom Dresses

You can rent a masquerade dress instead of buying it for just one night, and there are several such stores where you can find them.
Along with dresses and tuxedos, you should also arrange for some matching masquerade accessories and jewelry. Make sure the accessories that you have chosen do not overshadow your dress as well as the masquerade masks that you'll be wearing. Other than that, consider the following points.

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The style of the masquerade dress holds the key. It is important for you to determine whether you want to go for an 80s prom dress or stick to a contemporary masquerade dress.
Once you have settled on what you are going to wear, it is important that you determine certain essentials.
An ideal masquerade dress would be a long dress with a huge flair waist down. However, wearing only such a dress is not mandatory, you can opt for anything from a knee-length dress, and an A-line short dress, to a free-flowing elegant prom dress. Just plan well before the day of the event.


The pattern and design of the masquerade dress that you choose should be unique and stunning. Among fabrics, you can try silk, satin or tulle and design your own prom dress too. Make sure the dress you wear makes you look gorgeous and comfortable.
Though it is a prom night and everyone will be wearing masks, do not attempt anything extraordinary, which may have you stand out of the crowd for the wrong reasons. Always refer to the dress code that has been mentioned on the masquerade invitation and follow the same, while trying to fit in yet stand out.


Cocktail dresses with free-flowing fabrics and attractive masks are the best choices for you when it comes to a masquerade dress for promenades as well as a masquerade ball. It is important to choose a perfect color for the evening.
Rather than the classic black and/or white, go for brighter colors like red, blue, silver, and light gold. Mauve, purple, turquoise, sky blue, deep blue, light pink, beige, light yellow, light green, bottle green, and many other colors that both vibrant and versatile when merged, are always in.


It is important to select a matching mask to glamorize your dress. Often, it hard to get matching masks for pastel colored masquerade dresses. However, if you find it too difficult, you can wear a contrasting masquerade mask and show off your creativity.

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A safe combination for a masquerade party would be a silver-colored mask with feathers on a black or red dress. A mask can be bought first while then working out your dress according to the way it looks.
That way, you're sure to have both the dress and mask complement each other, where those who want to go the quirky route, can mix and match colors.
Once you are sure about the things you need to sweep your admirers off their feet with, finding a perfect masquerade dress will not be an ordeal for you!