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Modern Greek Fashion

Mukulika Mukherjee Mar 6, 2020
Curious to know how the styles of the ancient Greeks has influenced the fashion of today? This story, about modern Greek fashion, will throw some light on it. You'll be surprised to know how so many popular elements of present day fashion can be traced back to their Greek roots.
The ancient Greek civilization was one of the oldest civilizations of the world, and can be traced back to around 776 B.C. The Greeks had a very elaborate sense of dressing that was way ahead of its times.
Drapes were a key part of Greek attire as both men and women wore similar outfits that consisted of a rectangular piece of cloth, which was draped around the body, and fastened with intricate pins and brooches known as fibulae (singular fibula).
The drapes were mostly worn in white but vibrant hues, such as purple, blue, green and red, were preferred as well. One of the key elements of Greek fashion is simplicity, accompanied by practicality and comfort. And what else can give you the flexibility of a drape?
There is practically no end to the number of ways in which you can drape a piece of cloth! In ancient Greece, each person could tweak the general drape pattern a little to suit his level of activity, taste and even his status in society.

Greek Influence in Modern Fashion

Remember the last time you stepped out of the house in a one-shouldered dress or gladiator sandals? Well, you may not have realized, but what you were sporting was nothing but fashion with a Greek influence! If this sounds Greek to you then let me explain.
Modern global fashion has borrowed a lot many elements from the ancient Greeks, just like it has done from other primeval cultures, such as the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Romans and the Mayans. Now, you may be wondering what brings trends and styles from these age-old civilizations into mainstream fashion.
Well, there seems to be one satisfactory answer, and that is our wish to come up with something new. This may sound ironic but fashion designers all over the world work with a single objective: to create designs that capture the minds of the prospective buyers.
This passion for uniqueness drives them to look into various areas for inspiration, and what better place to find inspiration than our exotic ancient cultures! The design houses in Paris and Milan, come up with new fashion lines every season, and you must see it to believe how their creations appear to be an ideal blend of ancient elements and modern ideas.
Interested to know more about modern Greek fashion? Find out which have been the key Olympian influences in modern fashion through the ages.

Drape Dresses

Drapes formed an integral part of the attire of the ancient Greeks. The drape pattern was revived in the twentieth century with dresses and evening gowns that had elaborate pleats at the waistline and below the neckline.
Drapes add a soft touch to the outfit and make it look prettier and more feminine. The image on the left shows a pretty dress with pleats on the sides. The other image shows a dress that is inspired by the toga, an outfit worn by the ancient Greeks.
Today, this pattern has become so popular that every year you spot Hollywood stars walking the red carpet in evening gowns with elaborate drapes or pretty pleats. What's more, an array of available designs ensures that you have a dress to suit every body type.

One-Shoulder Necklines

This is one trend that is truly timeless and is here to stay.
As you can see in the images given alongside, a one-shoulder neck is characterized by an asymmetrical neckline that runs diagonally across, from one-shoulder to the opposite underarm. A variation can be a neckline that runs straight, supported by a single strap.
Today, one can not only find dresses with the one-shoulder neckline, but also wedding gowns, swimwear, maxi dresses and more.
Just name a type of dress and you can find its one-shoulder version! One of the reasons for its popularity is that it lends an exotic appeal to the outfit, besides adding up to the glamor quotient. Many women say they truly feel like a goddess in one-shoulder dresses and gowns!

Jewelry With Greek Motifs

Ancient Grecian culture has influenced modern jewelry designs over and over. The most common influences include motifs of Greek mythology on pieces of jewelry such as rings and pendants.
Rosette motifs (as shown in the image on the left) and those of the Greek gods and goddesses (as the image on the right) like Aphrodite, Nike, Artemis and Isis were engraved on jewelry along with the use of colorful beads. Greek jewelry has always been classic and characterized by the use of precious and semi precious stones.
However, the latest trend in the world of jewelry that has its inspirations from Greek culture, are brightly hued bangles that have the potential to enhance the look of any outfit. So, just grab a few in your favorite colors, put them on and you are all set to go!

Jeweled Headbands

If you wish to look like a princess, then a pretty jeweled headband is all you need! Inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of women wearing floral headbands around their head, the jeweled headband is a trend that is catching up fast in the U.S.
You can find them in numerous designs, from chunky pieces (like the one shown in the image on the left), to delicate, elegant pieces. Also available with leaf motifs, they serve as the perfect headgear for any bride. These headbands are ultra feminine and enhance the look of your face, adding a dreamy charm.

Gladiator Sandals

This is a recent trend but has caught on very well. Inspired by the footwear of the gladiators, these sandals come in a variety of designs and can be sported by both men as well as women.
Ever since their inception, several changes have been made to these sandals to suit every taste and style. These sandals are airy and comfortable, which makes them the perfect choice for summer.
Today, you can pick your pair of gladiator sandals from fashion houses like Gucci and Versace and top brands like Nike. You'll not only find them in an array of colors but an array of designs as well. Gladiator heels, anyone?
These were a few examples of Greek fashion in modern times, and they are here to stay for the simple reason that they glorify beauty in simplicity. The grace and beauty of ancient Greek fashion is timeless, and this is illustrated in the huge popularity that Grecian designs enjoy even today.
Not only dresses but we can find Greek influences in latest designs of footwear and jewelry also. If any of the above styles appeal to you (which I'm sure will!), then dress up the Greek way, and for once feel like a goddess of yore.