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6 Outfits to Pair with Red Shoes

Tulika Nair Mar 5, 2020
Alluring, tempting, seductive; there is something intangibly appealing about a pair of red shoes. But wearing them does not promise an instant change in your style quotient. You need to wear them with panache. We will tell you how to do just that.

Gimme Red!

The power and beauty of a pair of red shoes is such that they have been the central theme in a fairy tale (written by Hans Christian Andersen nonetheless), a movie, a musical, and even a couple of songs.

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Take it from a person who spent a lot of time looking for the perfect pair of red shoes; finding these is never an easy task. So, here it is. An entire guide about red shoes and how you should wear them.

Red Shoes the Right Way

Red shoes are sole mate for most women who own a pair of red heels. But let us start with a warning here. Red shoes are not for everyone.
To carry off shoes in shades as strong as scarlet, vermilion, and crimson, and as elegant as maroon, and burgundy, you need confidence and the knowledge that you can work it.
The problem with shoes in this bright color is that while they can look extremely bold and confident when worn correctly, wear them the wrong way and you get labeled as trashy in a second and a half.
Though the power of the written word is sacrosanct, there are times when images work much better. In that vein, here are some outfit ideas that will tell you how to do red right. We have put together the outfits in such a way that you can mix and match the same with the two pair of shoes in the image.

The Heels

Wearing red heels is powerful. It's a feeling like nothing else. But always, always wear understated clothes with your heels.
Going all black or white is a great way to allow the heels to be the showstopper of the outfit. Add red elements but don't overdo it.

The Flats

Flat red shoes allow you a little more space for experimentation. While they still should be the focal point of your outfit, you can try color blocking.
Just remember that if your outfit is not in a neutral shade, then opt for plain colors. Try to make matching accessories the other highlight in your outfit.

The Boys-inspired

Menswear-inspired fashion is a huge trend this year, and you should indulge in the footwear part of it by wearing boys-inspired shoes in red.
Keep the rest of the look preppy or college student(y) to allow the shoes to shine through. Nautical stripes and retro prints work beautifully with such shoes.

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Maneuvering the pitfalls that come with wearing bright, red shoes (whether heels or flats) can be an easy task, provided you follow some simple tips :

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▪ Ensure that your outfit is simple and understated. While avoiding bright colors like yellow is advisable, sometimes, certain colors when combined together (purple and red for instance) can make quite an impact.
▪ Don't stick to a specific shade of red. Experiment with different shades till you find one that works for you. At the end of the day, this is about you being comfortable. Carrying accessories in different shades of red can also add texture to your outfit.
▪ Avoid wearing a red dress with red shoes. Somehow, it is always too much. It's like you are screaming for attention. While we are on the subject, the dark, Christmas green should be avoided as well, unless of course, that is the theme you are aiming towards.

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The color red can be everything you need in an outfit. And when worn as footwear, it does a lot of talking. If you are a true-blue fashionista, then don't let any rule hold you back. If you want to experiment, do so. True style is personal. And if you think you like what you see in the mirror, then the rest of the world is no measuring standard.