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11 Outfits to Wear with Wedge Sneakers

Sheetal Mandora Mar 5, 2020
With a unique and stylish design that makes you appear taller, wedge sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe. This story will show you how to assemble elegant outfits to wear with wedge sneakers.

For Black or White Sneakers

If your wedge sneakers have lace, remove the old ones and add bright- and vibrant-colored lace to mix it up a bit. It'll definitely alter the outlook of the shoes.
If wedge sneakers are what you crave, then you've got the French designer Isabel Marant to thank for. Of course, after she created these items that made people go crazy, almost immediately the designs were copied by other labels. It was her idea to transform the comfortable sneakers into an elegant accessory for every woman.
With the addition of heels, it not only makes your legs appear longer, but it keeps the comfort factor intact.

With all that said and done, we still have to discuss how exactly are these sneakers worn. And for that, ladies, we've got a few suggestions up our sleeves. Have a look.

11 Excellent Ways to Wear Wedge Sneakers

One of the best things about incorporating these sneakers into your everyday outfits is that you don't have to shop for new clothes. It's easy enough to do away with your ballet flats, flip-flops, and regular sneakers, and bring these in. Try to mix and match outfits, and don't be afraid to explore out of your comfort zone.
Mild winter days, or evenings are a perfect excuse to wear this ensemble.
Pair your favorite dress (it doesn't have to be white), and a sexy leather jacket with vibrant-colored sneakers. While the shoes are bright, make sure that the dress and all the other accessories are kept to a minimum.
What we mean is―solid-colored dress, leather or denim jacket, earrings, and a handbag. That's all you need to complete the look. Anything more than this, and you'll be all over the place for all the wrong reasons.
Another option is to pick one solid color, and just go with it.
But while doing this, choosing the right color is key. If the dress doesn't have any patterns, then half your work is taken care of. On the other hand, if you're thinking about wearing a floral or tribal print dress, then select the sneakers wisely. One wrong move with the color, and the entire ensemble can be ruined.
As these sneakers don't come cheap, pick a color that can be worn on more than 4 to 5 outfits. As for our solid-colored dress, the gorgeous necklace and wide, brown belt are taking care of everything.
While wearing jeans, you'll find it tough to decide whether to tuck the fabric inside the sneakers, or leave it untucked.
A nonchalant, yet cool way is to pick the excess fabric along the seam, and fold up the hem. If you have a super-skinny jeans on, choose from either a short fold, or try an extra-wide cuff on both inside and outside the leg. As for the top, choose a light linen shirt and a funky necklace to seal the deal.
No cuffs, no problem; try tucking the bottom of your skinny jeans inside the sneakers.
This can only work with skinny jeans as there's very little to work with; don't even bother with the other ones (flared or boot cut jeans) as it'll make you look bulky at the bottom.
Once you have that sorted, let's talk about what you can wear as your top. Basically, the sky's the limit with this one, as any kind of shirt, T-shirt, or blouse will be perfect.
For a more sophisticated approach, these sneakers go really well with pants.
This ensemble serves as a good transition from warm, summer days to cool, chilly evenings. Keep the elegant appeal intact by wearing off-white leather wedge sneakers. Not only is this outfit appropriate for a cocktail party or a social gathering, but you can definitely make it work for a date night.
Instead of each element empowering one another, the subtle hues complement and enhance the overall tone.
Apart from pants, you can rock the look with leather leggings as well.
It's true that many of us shy away from the whole black-on-black appearance. But if you play it right, you can pull off the look. Start with the leggings and get yourself a gorgeous black-studded sneakers. Next is adding the black top. We've given the option for a sheer shirt, but you can also choose an oversized black T-shirt.
For a brunch or afternoon out with the girlfriends, try creating this ensemble with jean shorts.
Depending on the weather, you can either choose to wear a full-sleeve jacket, or stay stylish with a sleeveless linen shrug. Try a more colorful approach with the sneakers as it's the focal point of the outfit.
You do want it to grab attention, while still keeping the comfort of the outfit secure. To complete the look, a brown-colored sling bag will be the perfect addition.
Want to try something a bit more high-fashion? Then this is the outfit for you. It's edgy and feminine, all at the same time.
Since we're working with more than two colors in the outfit―black, beige, and gray―the choice of sneakers has to be precise. Of course, you can go with either of these colors, but a combination of all does make the outfit pop, doesn't it?!
The trendiness and volume of these shoes is what makes wearing short skirts fun.
Of course, long hems have their own charm, but here, it's a short cotton skirt that wins the battle. The ensemble has "cute" written all over it, and the addition of a plaid jacket and a boater hat is insanely awesome. With an outfit this gorgeous, there's no need to harm it with any jewelry. Grab an envelope clutch, and that's that.
Wearing golden wedge sneakers is nothing less than a statement piece.
It's a simple, yet prominent element for your outfit that doesn't steal all the attention. This ensemble is refined and girly without having to try too hard. Since the skirt and top are a perfect blend with one another, the sneakers really stand out with an ultra-feminine appeal.
It's always the attitude that counts. Regardless of trend, what you need the most is the confidence to pull off the look; no matter what. Only then can you project it outward.
If wearing too many colors is not your style, then a simple ensemble created with jeans, T-shirt, and a leather jacket is all you really need. The outfit definitely speaks style, even with a few pieces put together. You can either accessorize with a necklace or bracelet; but keep it to a minimum. Add a black sling bag, and you're ready to head out the door.
Almost all brands, including the ones sold under the name of Isabel Marant, can be a bit pricey. So, before you make a purchase, in hopes of wanting to be "in" with the trend, keep account of the cost-per-wear objective. That way, you'll know whether wedge sneakers are a sensible and necessary purchase, or just an in-the-moment expense.