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How to Take Care of Pearl Jewelry

Shalu Bhatti Feb 14, 2020
Pearl jewelry is always considered to be special and unique. In many families, it is passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, it becomes very important to preserve its classic and everlasting luster. This story will give you some simple and useful tips to take care of this precious possession of yours.
Among all the types of jewelry that we possess, the ones consisting of pearls are always special to us. This is not only because of the fact that they come from the depth of a vast ocean, but also because of the way they impart their elegance to us, when we wear them.
The pride that we feel when we own a pearl is simply mesmerizing. Just owning this masterpiece of nature isn't enough, one must take the necessary precautions when it comes to taking care of it, so that its beauty never fades away.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring

Pearls are shock-resistant and durable, and are given a rating between 3.5 to 4.5 on the MOHS hardness scale. There are some simple but effective measures that can be taken to maintain the shining glow that pearls are known for. When it comes to their cleaning, the following steps will help you keep them as gorgeous as they were when you bought them.
  • Always use a SOFT lint-free cloth or silicon cloth to wipe them after every use. Never use a cloth which is harsh or abrasive, as it will harm the surface.
  • While cleaning, you can moisten the cloth with plain water, if you want. You can also use solutions which contain mild soaps and are recommended for pearl cleaning. But make sure that they are completely dried (naturally) before you store them.
  • Never use a solution which has harsh detergents, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine, vinegar, citric acid, and the like. Hair sprays and perfumes should also be kept away, as all these affect the nacre of the pearls and make them dull.
  • Always wear them after you are done with your makeup and perfume application, these products may contain harmful chemicals. Even perspiration affects the luster of pearls, making it absolutely necessary to clean them every time before storing.
  • For a pearl ring, make sure you take it off before applying your daily hand cream or moisturizer, and also before washing your hands.
  • Before swimming, make sure to remove the jewelry before entering the pool, as chlorine proves to be very harmful for the nacre. Also, exposure to water weakens the string in which the pearls are beaded.
  • Don't use ultrasonic cleaners.
  • If the pearls appear to be dull, consider wiping them gently with a little amount of olive oil on a soft cloth. This will help to revive their shine and luster.
  • One can also seek the help of a jeweler, in case you want a professional treatment.

Ways to Store Pearls Safely

Unlike diamonds or other gemstones, which can be polished or cut, pearls just need to be taken care of. Here is a list of things you should do in order to store them efficaciously.
  • Always keep them inside a soft pouch or wrap them in a soft cloth.
  • Never store them along with other jewelry. They might end up getting a scratch when in contact with other gemstones or precious metals with sharp surfaces.
  • Don't keep them in places with high temperature, or under direct sunlight. This can cause the pearl(s) to crack.
  • Avoid storing them in security boxes, if you have to, make sure that you take them out within short intervals. If you want, you can also place a damp cloth (make sure it isn't too wet or else it will cause mildew) in the security box, as pearls require a certain amount of moisture. Also, make sure to change the damp cloth at regular intervals.
  • Never store the jewelry, especially pearl necklaces and bracelets, in a hanging position. This causes the string to stretch and makes it weak. Always store them flat.
  • Never keep them on a television or radiator. This harms their nacre.
  • Always make sure to restring the pearls on a regular basis. Using a silk or a nylon string would be a good choice, as they are strong and will keep these valuable beads intact.
  • You can also string each one into individual knots. This will prevent friction among the pearls, which is, of course, good for longer durability. Another advantage of individual knotting is that, if a portion of the string ends up breaking, the rest of the pearls won't scatter.
Pearls don't require that extra-special care. Some simple and thoughtful precautions are all that you need to take, in order to maintain their sheen and charm. The aforementioned steps will help you treasure these beautiful jewels, and they, in turn, will beautify not only you, but also the following generations.