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Silk Wrap Dress Styles

Pushpa Duddukuri Mar 22, 2020
Silk wrap dresses have a charm which beguiles the young and old alike. A wrap dress never goes out of fashion, so it's high time to invest in these lovely multi-patterned dresses.
A silk wrap dress is a gift for a girl from her fashion fairy godmother who easily swoops in and saves her from a fashion catastrophe.
Since silk is an elegant and mesmerizing fabric, a vintage wrap dress oozes out a sex appeal which would turn quite some heads your way. Wrap dresses have been in vogue since ages. You can never go wrong with a wrap dress. So if you have no idea what you are going to wear on an upcoming party, then silk wrap skirt or dress is the safest bet for you.
You might be wondering why wrap dresses are so popular among women of all age groups? Where else will you get a flattering bust-line, hips minimizing effect and the comfort of a soft fabric on your body along with convenience of dressing up in the least possible time? Wrap dress makes it all possible with its versatility.
When it comes to silk dresses in wrap style, there is no dearth of variety. Sexy silk wrap halter dress or top, graceful layered skirts, flirty wrap front dress, a timeless sheath dress, and many more, are just the formal party dresses which are within your reach if you dare to wear a wrap dress made of silk.

Sari Wrap Skirt

Sari is considered as one of the most sensuous and elegant feminine attires of all time. Saris are uniquely worn and skirts made out of sari patterned fabrics are even more unparalleled in its glamor and sheen.
Sari wrap skirts can be donned in 100 different ways (an extravagant exaggeration but nevertheless it offers a pleasant number of variant styles of dressing). According to your body type, you can choose the length of the skirt.
Adorn long skirt in wrap style, medium length and mini wrap skirt, all contouring the body with an ease and in a style to die for. Layered skirts are one-of-a-kind skirts with multi-layers of fabrics. Each layer can be adorned with a touch of imagination.

Silk Maxi Wrap Dress

If you have absolutely fallen in love with a red silk wrap dress, then you are one hell of a lucky girl as you can create your own version of a dress and look forward to some compliments. Silk maxi wraps are available in lengths of 24, 30, 34, 36 inches in stores.
While buying, be careful to get the right size for yourself as a small size can curb down the versatility of the maxi dress. Make a halter necked dress out of it or you can go just shoulder-less with this gorgeous dress.

Little White Wrap Dress

A white dress is the new LBD this season. A black wrap dress is a must have in your wardrobe but since summers are getting hotter and hotter every year, the wearer should take cue from the weather.
A white ruffle wrap dress or a kimono styled dress in sumptuous lily-white silk Shantung fabric can be worn as a knockout dress in a dazzling party or even during the day to beat the heat.

Faux Wrap Dress

Though not a wrap dress, its look-alike enjoys equal popularity among women of sizes and shapes. Needless, it is as elegant as a wrap dress. The only difference is that it is worn by pulling it over the head.
Though you might love the feel of a wrap dress draping your body, these faux patterns will make you feel good when there is a lot of wind. Some dresses also come with a fake self-belt that accentuate the feeling of a wrap dress.

Wrap Dress With Buckle

This wrap dress is suited to be worn at office and for other formal occasions. Silk wrapped around your body with a sleek side belt is a clever way of dressing up. It's minimal fuss and you are good to go for anything that comes your way in a day's work.
This fluid dress appears even better when there is small metal tab at the dropped waist. So bring out the refinement that you always seek with this type of wrap dress and experience the downpour of compliments.
Apart from wrap dresses, you can avail many other options like Aladdin pants or Thai pants which too can be worn in multiple ways and save some space in your travel bag.
Whatever you decide, just take enough time in buying the wrap dresses and especially ask for the instructions on how to wear them. Some of the apparel outlets also throw in an instructional CD for free along with the dress.