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Slimming Dresses

Pragya T Feb 13, 2020
Certain dresses greatly help in giving a slimmer frame appearance. However, it is important that you select these slimming dresses properly, read on to know more.
There are various ways in which a plus sized person can dress, and still flaunt a sexy and curvaceous look in an apparel. With so many options available for slim looking dresses, one can get confused. Hence, it is important that you shop for those slimming dresses for women, which suit your frame and highlight your best body features. Here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction.

Shopping Tips

The factors you need to remember when buying plus sized clothing for women are listed here.
Colors: Always try to go for solid dark colors, when looking for any cocktail dress or dresses for a formal party. Black is the classic choice and the other colors you can opt for are navy blue, maroon and dark green. You can try different colors in casual dresses, however make sure the pattern and fabric of the dress is right.
Design and Stitch: The design or fall of the dress, should be such that it accentuates your best body features and conceals those body areas that garner unnecessary attention. For example, if you have large hips, then wearing a dress which shows off your shoulders, or highlights your cleavage are a good choice. You could also opt for a dress that highlights your legs.
Fabrics: Always select a fabric for clothing which fits snugly to your body, when choosing the same for evening dresses. For casual dresses you can go for light cotton or satin kind of material which freely falls on your body.
Patterns: For formal dresses, instead of experimenting with any patterns on your dress go for solid dark colors, or a little embroidery design around the neck or arms of the slimming dress. For casuals, you can have plenty of pattern but go for vertical stripes in case you have a short body frame.
Neck Lines: If you have large hips or butt, then having a side neckline or V neckline will greatly help. V necklines are also a great choice when looking for some maternity clothes for parties. A side stylish neckline with a buckle, will highlight your shoulders and avoid drawing attention to unnecessary body areas.
Accessories: With accessories you can really give a stunning look, and a slimmer body appearance. High heel knee-length boots on a dress which is till knee-length or a bit below will make you appear taller and sexier. Accessories like a necklace with the chain resting at the center of your chest, can also give a great look and highlight that particular part of your body. Belts are another great idea, in case you have a shorter frame or want to highlight your waist area.
Slimming Under Clothes: To smooth out your bulges, and lift your breasts you can shop for some corsets to wear under a dress. Make sure you buy good quality ones as some of them can be very uncomfortable and the elastic can give an allergy. Buy underwired bras if you wish to highlight your cleavage.

Best Dresses Choice

Here are some choices of slimming dresses which you can buy from the women's clothing section.
  • A-line dress with a flattering neck, in black color for formal parties.
  • Empire waist slimming dresses, for women who have a tummy and large hips. These dresses are in fashion and flatter the top area of the torso and take off the attention from the stomach and hip region. These dresses are available in knee and ankle length.
  • A patterned dress, in satin or silk material with V neck and a lace under the breasts.
  • A mini dress with knee-length high-heeled boots. This will make you look attractive and at the same time will take the attention from large calves. Go for boots which are made of material like suede cloth.
  • A knee-length dress with a belt and one solid color on the inside, and another color on the sides to highlight curves.
Whenever you go shopping for these dresses, make sure you keep in mind the above tips for selecting slimming dresses for plus women. Try out as many dresses as you want but keep in mind to choose those clothes which suit your body frame, and select appropriate ones. Also, if you go to stores which specialize in plus size clothing, then you will have more choices. So, always keep an eye out for the above best listed slimming dresses!