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Smart Ways to Look Taller and Slimmer

Snehal Motkar Mar 5, 2020
Does being short and fat give you an awkward feeling? Do you feel uneasy to move around because of your unimpressive personality? Have a look at the following story and learn about the smart ways to look taller and slimmer.
Everyone wants to look as smart as he/she can when surrounded by people. You want to look as if you rule the world with your towering personality. This is easily possible for people who are tall and slim originally. But, what about those who are comparatively short and plump?
I know that the height and the weight that a person possesses is partly because of heredity and partly due to a person's own hormonal behavior. But, isn't there any way that a person can choose to look different than his/her original personality? Yes, there is a way, you can choose to appear taller and slimmer, if you just alter your dressing style.
You will encounter some tips on how to look taller and slimmer in the following part of the article.

Although you cannot change your original height and weight, you can do a lot by modifying your outer look, which will help to increase your height and make you look thinner. Follow these easy tips:


This is the most important factor that can make a huge difference to your personality. Dressing in clothes that suit you is essential than dressing in clothes that you like but do not match your personality.
It is said that one should always rely on others' choice when it comes to dressing, because people who watch you from a distance know better, what suits you or what looks good on you. Slimming dresses are also available in the market which will make your job easier. Following are a few hints on dressing yourself to look taller and thinner:
➦ Color plays an important role in making short people look taller. You should prefer monochromatic dressing. Monochromatic dressing refers to dressing in a single color from top to bottom. Do not divide your body into two separate colors, for example, wearing a white shirt with a red skirt.
Women often use black for their monochromatic outfit which makes them look slim and trim. There are other options as well like silver, gray and charcoal to look taller. Dressing in one color will create a long unbreakable line that will make you look taller.
Try to use dark colors like black, navy blue, etc., as these colors have the ability to catch the light and hide it in the background rather than reflecting it like the lighter shades do.
➦ Avoid using loose-fitting clothes. They make you look short and stubby.
You can use tighter clothes like leggings, slim trousers, etc., which make your curves and lines identifiable. It is not at all helpful to use capris or tight shorts because it cuts the length of your legs. It's better to wear Bermuda shorts which end up at the knee or even above the knee which projects the complete height of the legs.
➦ Vertical stripes will do wonders to make you look taller. These stripes form a long vertical line which will make people observe you from top to bottom rather than looking across.


Short hair can make you look taller.
But, if you do not wish to cut them, you can simply lift them and increase their volume which will give you a slender look. Set your hair in higher hairstyles that will add an extra height to the original because it will make people look at your neck and not your hair.
When you are fat and you want to look slimmer, your face plays an important role in changing your look.
➦ You can go for highlights. The vertical stripes will make people look up and down rather than across your face. Your face will get a thinner and slender look because the length of your face will seem to be increased. Contrasting colors will brighten your face and offer it a thinner and younger look.
➦ Focus on your best features and try to highlight them. Eyes, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes; all seem to be small body parts but have great capacity to catch and hold attention. Through these features, you can show people what you want to and obviously hide what you don't want to show.
➦ Tan yourself by applying a self-tanner. The self-tanner affects your skin and gives you an instant slender look. Focus on elbows, thighs and knees while tanning yourself.
➦ Makeup can also contribute to your slim look. It can help to make your jawline sharp concealing the extra skin which will add to your sleek look. The extra wiggle around the neck and below the chin can be faded in the background using a little amount of bronzer.
It is true that short and fat people are restricted to follow some fashion rules, but it does not mean that they cannot be trendy. Carry a tall attitude in your mind, be confident in your style and you will realize that sky is the limit. Never make yourself feel low because of your height and weight. Attempt the above tips, put on your brightest smile and feel confident to move around in crowd.