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Stunning Fashion Inspirations From New York

Prachi Dharap Feb 5, 2020
New York is one of the most versatile metropolises. In the city that never sleeps, every person boasts of their own individual style. Here’s a look-book of iconic style rules from America's cool capital.

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The glamour of it all! New York! America!
~ Charlie Chaplin
Dress Like A New Yorker!
When In Doubt, Wear Black! Master the monochrome look by adding a color pop.
Dare to contrast prints. Have fun with mixing and matching.
Opt for fresh blue tones instead of gray power suits.
Men can accessorize with Fedoras, vintage glass frames or patterned pocket squares, to make a statement.
Women can spice up their outfits with bold statement accessories like eye-catching hats, sparkling jewelry, or designer shoes.
Choosing fruit-inspired hues like mulberry, peach or orange is a fun idea for a dazzling city style.
Play with proportions. Team up oversized clothes with sleek, pointy-toed shoes.
Solid leather shoes will dress up your casuals to a new level.