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Sundresses for Women

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 12, 2020
Summers are so hot and humid that you do not want to wear tight fitting clothes like jeans and pants. Sundresses for women comes to the rescue and they are ideal to beat the heat.
During the summer months, it is so hot and sticky that the last thing that you want to wear is your pair of skinny jeans. What you need are cool clothes, ideally made of cotton or cotton blends that allows your body to breathe. So ditch all form-fitting clothes in summer and opt for sundresses instead.
There are many different types of sundresses available from different brands, whether be it a designer brand or a high-end one. Be aware of the latest trends and fashion before you make your purchase. With so many designs and style available in cute summer dresses, you are sure to find a dress that is just perfect for you and your body type.

Floral Dress

A pretty floral dress is ideal for summers. There are many designs and styles of floral dresses that you can choose from. From small ditzy floral prints to the larger ones, you cannot go wrong with a flower print dress.
This summer, strapless floral dresses are all in rage and the best way to pair them is with wedge heels, stacked bangles and a lightweight cardigan. You can also dress it up with beaded necklaces and a feather headband.

Little White Dress

Summers are the perfect time to show off your tan and to flaunt your trim figure. So choose sundresses that reflects this and which helps you to bask in your femininity. One of the must have sundresses is the little white dress (LWD).
It is a fashion staple and no fashionista worth her Manolo Blahnik can afford not to have this in her wardrobe. You can opt for a white sundress in crisp cotton, comfortable linen or silks and chiffons. You can choose from knee length to ankle length white sundresses with a low plunging neckline that shows off your cleavage.
As far as sleeves are considered, sleeveless is the best option followed closely by cap sleeves. The idea here is to have a cute white sundress that looks casual but stylish and put-together.

Bright Neon-Hued Dress

A neon dress in summer? Does the idea seem a little intimidating? Well the biggest trend in summer dress this year is the neon dress. A body-hugging short dress in a bright color like hot pink, tangerine or egg yolk yellow is just what you need this summer.
Opt for halter neck or strapless neon-hued dresses. The best way to accesorize a bright dress is to pair it with nude colored heels, sorbet nail paint and a neon clutch.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a great summer dress as it make you look slimmer and taller. They are ideal for those women who want to hide problem areas like flabby hips or big belly. A maxi dress is the ultimate in glamor and its design allows you to feel comfortable in the most blazing heat.
Do not be under the false impression that you should wear sundresses in only light or neutral colors. You can choose any color you like, be it a popping pink or an emerald blue. Maxi dresses that are strapless, as spotted on A-lister Jennifer Aniston are the ideal way to show off your shoulders.
Pair long maxi dresses in solid jewel colors like deep purple and sea green with embellished totes and casual kitten heels in the day and printed bold maxi dresses with gladiators or four inch heels at night.

Wrap Dress

One of the most popular plus size sundress for women that never goes out of style is the wrap dress. It instantly lifts your bustline, whittles your waist and in short, makes you look fabulous. A silk wrap dress is the preferred dress of many celebrities who are seen wearing them for casual events.
A wrap dress has to be chosen with care because the wrong print and design can simply ruin your look. If you are heavy-set, avoid wearing checks, loud over-the-top florals and stripes. Wrap dresses should be in solid colors and ideally fall just above your knees.
To avoid looking frumpy and matronly, team your wrap dress with ultra glamorous accessories like an envelope clutch, peep-toe shoes and layered jewelry.

Shift Dress

A shift dress is a sleeveless dress that is short and is suitable for almost all body types and also makes the ideal summer dress for teens. It has no detailings except for side panels and breast darts. It is sophisticated and chic and are a must have for the summer evenings.
You can choose from solid-colored shift dress to the more popular patterned ones. Shift dress are always paired with high-heeled pumps and jeweled clutches.
If you are looking for cheap sundresses, make your purchases online to get big discounts or scour the flea markets for great bargains. Casual summer dresses are supposed to be cool and fun, so choose yours with care.