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Teenage Summer Fashion

Celebrate the summer season in a riot of colors and designs. This story lists a few ideas for teenagers to beat the heat in style.
Kashmira Lad Feb 12, 2020
When the weather turns warmer, many people tend to cringe. Teens see this as an opportunity to revamp their wardrobe. For them, this is the right time to display their trendier side.
The summer means loads of colorful blossoms, fresh breeze, bright sunshine, and everything beautiful. The weather gives ample opportunity to wear some interesting creations. From flowery patterns to solid colors, this is the season to experiment.

The Classic White Shirt

The classic white shirt can never go out of style. This looks best with blue jeans. You can wear a white shirt with a stretch blend that hugs the body, or pair a long tunic style with printed leggings for a cool effect on a hot day.

Floral Dresses

This season is the right time to pull out knee-length or mid-thigh length dresses. You can wear bold and solid colors such as red, pink, green, mauve etc. Floral patterns will blend well with the season. Shirt-dresses are an ideal option for a more formal style.
You can also go in for a stylish wrap dress, baby doll dress, halter dress, or the very simple basic A-line dress. Comfort is the key factor.
A dress should make you comfortable all day long and keep you looking as fresh as a daisy for an evening out with friends.

Comfy Drawstring Pants

Jeans have always been a part of the wardrobe of teens and adults alike. However, jeans may sometimes be a tad uncomfortable for longer durations in hot weather.
Comfortable drawstring pants are a great option for those who want breathable fabrics. Combine these pants with stylish tops to create a cool effect.

Basic Shorts

Cute shorts in colors such as electric blue or gorgeous red are bound to attract attention and keep you chilled out in the hot season. It sure does help to have a pair of short pants in your bag.
You can pull them on if you are planning for a quick dip in the lake or accessorize it with an elegant top to party with friends.

Get Sporty

The sporty look is ideal for this season. You can opt for bright colors and use various elements. A tank top would look great paired with a light jacket. T-shirts with interesting messages would add zing and display your attitude. Go for comfortable sneakers in bright colors.

Trendy Leggings

Leggings are also an ideal way to beat the heat in style. Although these have been on the scene many years back, they have made a good comeback, which is visible with the very contemporary designs seen today.
From prints to solid colors, lace to embellishments, leggings are seen at any school campus as well as hip parties.

With these options, you are bound to drive away the heat in style.