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The Ultimate Guide to Types of Heels

Dhvani Dedhia Jan 8, 2024
Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
Read on to find out about the different types of heels you can strut in.
The Holy Grail of women’s heels, difficult to walk in at first but once you get the hang of it there is no going back.
The heel gets its name from an Italian dagger called stiletto and rightly so as the heel is long, thin and tapers towards the bottom.
The height of an average stiletto can get as high as 7 to 10 inches. From formals to party to red carpet, stilettos will never go out of vouge
Wedge Heels
The wedge heel seamlessly connects heel to sole, offering comfort by evenly distributing weight across the foot for easier balance, a cozy alternative to stilettos.
Kitten Heels
Kitten heels are an ideal choice for women who are on their feet all day but still prefer to wear heels over flats.
With the heel height of around 1.5 to 2 inches kittens became a staple after Audrey Hepburn bought them in fashion during the 60’s. 

Kitten heels may come and go out of style, but they will always remain classic.
Platform Heels
Platform shoes up the ante by lifting both the heel and sole. Chunkier yet comfier, they sport block heels or sleek stilettos for style and comfort fusion.
Ankle Strap Heels
Ankle straps are wardrobe essentials, blending femininity with chic vibes regardless of heel height. Feel secure with the ankle-fastened strap in these shoes.
Slingback heels are similar to ankle strap, only they have their straps at the back of the foot snugging securely on the Achilles’ heel.
A T-strap has an ankle strap connecting to the front of the shoe with another strap running vertically up the foot making a ‘T’ shape.
Block Heels
Block heel is probably the most sturdy type of heel. These shoes tend to look chunkier with its square block of a heel. It can come in any heel size and this trend isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon.
Cone Heels
As the name suggests these heels are designed in a triangular-like shape of an ice cream cone. These are also called Tapered heels, as the heel attached to the sole is wider and narrows and tapers down towards the ground.
Spool Heels
A spool heel is wide at the sole and at the bottom and thin and narrow in the middle. This type of heel resembles an hourglass or a spool, and can be styled with dresses or skirts.

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Peep Toe Style
A peep toe may come with any heel type but the distinguishing feature is that the toe has a cut showing off a little of your second toe and big toe. This a the most classic pattern which is a combination between a open toe and closed off toe style.
D'Orsay Heels
A D’Orsay shoe is where the side of the shoe has a cut on either one or both sides showing off the arch of the foot. These shoes look extremely chic especially with a high thin heel.