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Thigh-high Socks for Women

Thigh-high socks for women are in vogue. Find out more about these and how to look fab this winter.
Aastha Dogra Feb 14, 2020
Every season brings its own share of fashion trends along with it. Thigh-high socks are predominantly found in the market nowadays. These socks not only protect you from the cold, but make you look stylish, as well. With the right attitude and confidence, they can be carried off by women of all ages.
As the name suggests, these are worn well-above your knees, midway up the thighs. Do not confuse them with thigh-high stockings, as socks are much more comfortable than these. Stockings need garters to secure them in place, whereas thigh-high socks are completely elasticized. Hence, proper blood circulation in the legs is not compromised while wearing these.


You can find these socks in all kinds of colors. There's ash gray, white, brown, green, and black, in the market, as well as striking and attention-grabbing purple, pink, red, fuchsia, and yellow. For those of you who want to play it safe, these socks are available in blue and maroon, as well.


Knitted thigh-high socks, sometimes with cotton or polyester blends with bold striped patterns, are perhaps the most popular variety besides the plain kind. A pattern with stripes only above the knees is also quite common.
The stripes can be either horizontal or vertical. Those with vertical stripes are ideal for plus-size women, as they will make them look slimmer and taller.

Matching Outfits

Socks of this kind, look exceptionally good when worn with a miniskirt or a pair of shorts. A fashionable and stylish look can be created by pairing them up with a pleated miniskirt.
As for shorts, wearing denim with a gray T-shirt and matching gray thick-high socks, will make you look fabulous. The shorts should be slightly longer and never too short or tight, unless you are going to a club.

Matching Footwear

Women's shoes that pair up well with these socks are pumps, brogues, knee-high boots, ankle-high boots, and Mary Jane shoes. In fact, wearing thigh-high socks with ankle boots, paired with contrasting tights and a high-waist mini skirt, will undoubtedly make heads turn in your direction.
You should follow age-old fashion rules while wearing these. If your outfit is colorful, bright, or has some catchy pattern, the socks should be in a subdued color with a bold pattern. Similarly, if your outfit is plain, the socks can be snazzy and striking.