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Things Only a Shopaholic Can Relate To

Sai Kardile Feb 29, 2020
People call shopaholics shameful spendthrifts but they would rather that people viewed them as collectors of sublimely modish articles of commerce, who in a way are helping the economy to fly high. Never mind, some will never get it. In this story, we discuss things that only and only a shopaholic can relate to.
"Shopping is actually very similar to farming a field. You can't keep buying the same thing, you have to have a bit of variety. Otherwise you get bored and stop enjoying yourself."
― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic
When I feel my world is slipping into a chaotic maelstrom, I see a hand, a wispy, ethereal hand that carries me smoothly through the murky fog, and I find myself standing in the magnificent and spectacular world of merchandise, of all sorts. Woooow. The feeling is indescribable, but soul-soothing.
Nothing in this world can make my heart palpitate wildly as the word 'shopping' does, or make my body tingle with euphoria as the word 'sale' does, it doesn't take much for my body to respond to these words. Aahhh, my world feels complete. Given below are similar such things that only a shopping addict can relate to.

Uncontrollable raptures of joy

You feel stupendously, fantastically, and phenomenally out of the world when the thought of shopping crosses your mind.
An exhilarating wave of tsunami sweeps you when you walk down a road that's flanked by fashion stores, or when your hawk eyes spot a mail in your inbox that reads 'new arrivals'. That wispy hand summons you to act.

You know how to deal with people who think you are a scatter-good

You often get dirts when you shop, again, so you get back at them with double dirts. Others are just ordinary muggles who will never understand your dedication and ardor for all things good and nice. Not everyone comes with a keen discerning eye that can detect the best of all things.
You will never be that person who buys a pig in a poke and spends the rest of his life cursing himself. So, you don't just give a crap about what others think about you.

You always have your business head on

That local boutique gets a fresh fill of delectable merchandise every Friday afternoon, that online store is expected to announce clearance sale on your favorite brands this weekend; boy, and then there's this new thrift store that's giving stuff for free to the first 100 costumers! You have your finger on the sale pulse, and you are always in shopping mood.

I just don't have anything nice to wear

Your closet is packed like sardines and you can't even wedge in a flimsy negligee between two things, and you know this, but there are times when a sudden feeling of deprivation seizes you.
This is not because you don't have anything nice to wear, but you are unable to find something in your closet that fits your new definition of 'nice' (which changes everyday).

Money was, has never, and never ever will be a hindrance

Not everyday you have money to spend as it is going out of style, there are times, when you are down on your uppers and your credit card is groped so many times by the machine that it no longer can fulfill your desires.
And this situation should ideally make you sad, but you are not. Money can never deter your shopping spirit, so as long as the spirit and flesh are willing, money can never make you weak. Ha, take that.

You have soul sisters who resonate with your passion for fashion

It is so satisfying and good to know that you have soulmates who understand and feel your love for shopping.
You have so much joy to give and share with them. They ping you midnight to inform you about a sale and keep you abreast about what's hot for a season, and this makes you sigh with contentment.

Shopping makes your world get better

"When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it's not, and I need to do it again." You couldn't agree more with this heartfelt confession of a true shopaholic.
A chronic shopaholic myself, I know how tough it is on your soul to bear the burden of not buying something that was begging you to have it. So, if you are ever caught in that dire predicament, please take that 'thing' with you and let it hop in your closet. Toodle pip!