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Things to Have in Your Purse

Girija Shinde Feb 14, 2020
Medicines, makeup, stationary, and other essentials are some things that every woman should have in her purse. This story gives you a list of other such important items.
The following are the things always to have in your purse, most of these things are needed almost everyday and the rest are helpful in case of an emergency.

First Aid

Painkillers, bandages, a small bottle of antiseptic, etc., should always carried in your handbag as anyone, might need it anytime. Specially medicines like aspirin are very useful when an irritating headache erupts just before an important meeting. Also carry your important medical information written on a card, as it can be of help in case of an emergency.

Notepad and Pen

We face so many instances everyday where we struggle to find some paper and a pen for writing something. One generally relies on the cell phone to store data, but one should remember that the phone battery can get over. This will also save the embarrassment of asking strangers for a pen.

Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss army knife is one amazing multipurpose tool which not only has a single blade but also tweezers, can opener, toothpick, nail file, scissors, pliers etc. These things are needed almost daily, so instead of carrying them separate or borrowing them, carry this small tool.

Grooming Necessities

Any woman strives to look fresh and presentable all the time. So, carry products that help you to do so. They include a brush, moisturizer, lip gloss, compact, perfume, deodorant, wet tissues, etc. It is a better idea to carry at least two shades of lipstick, with the help of which you can directly sneak to a party after office.

Safety Pins and Glue

Though it might sound weird, carrying safety pins and glue is a smart choice. Broken sandals, zip, buttons anything can be fixed temporarily with the help of either a safety pin or glue. You do not need to worry about any kind of malfunction with these tiny things.

Cell, Charger, Flashlight

I don't think there is anyone who ever forgets their cell phone, however, it is one of the most important things to have in your purse. Along with the cell, also carry the cell charger in case of a battery drain. Carrying a flashlight is not compulsory, however, it can come handy at times.


Always carry a healthy snack like an energy bar or dry fruits in your purse. There are many moments where one does not have time to go and eat, at such times these snacks seem like a boon.
Besides the above mentioned things, a woman should always carry a tampon, napkin, and mint. There are no specific top 10 things to have in your purse, as the items will obviously change according to the profession and age of the woman. However, do carry the above mentioned things as they can be needed anytime, anywhere.