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Is It Time to go Shopping?

Chesley Maldonado Feb 14, 2020
How can you tell when your wardrobe needs a makeover? In this story, we give you tips that will help you recognize when you need to go shopping for new clothes.
What you wear says a lot about you. Many times, your personality doesn't match your wardrobe. You should take an honest look in the mirror from head to toe and examine the clothes you have on. Is it time to go shopping?

What's Wrong With This Outfit?

Here are some red flags that your wardrobe needs a change.
  • You try not to look in the mirror.
  • Most of your clothing is the same color, the same style, and the same shape.
  • At least two of your outfits that you wear on a regular basis are so old, that you can't remember when you bought them.
  • The clothing you have is oversized and hides your shape.
  • You have difficulty breathing in your clothes.
  • You have safety pins, hand sewing, and patches keeping your button shirts and favorite jeans together.
  • You keep telling yourself, "One day, I will look better in this outfit." (probably after losing a few pounds)
  • Everyone can tell what your favorite animal is because of what you wear.
  • Your shoes look like they have been everywhere with you, rain or shine, for years.
  • The only reason that you wear clothes is because you need to be covered, by requirement or law, and if you must wear clothes, they need only feel comfortable, not necessarily look good as well.
If you or someone you love has any issues similar to the ones on this list, just admitĀ it's time for a change.

Choosing the Clothes for You

Your clothes should always accent the parts of your body you love, and take attention away from parts you might be self-conscious about. If your clothes don't make you feel great about being yourself, you need new clothes. Clothes should complement who you are, not hide you or reflect poorly on you.
Remember, confidence is key here, and if you aren't confident, do what it takes to get there. An outfit that fits you properly, and highlights the good things about your appearance, can be a real booster.
Dress your body, not the body someone else has. Not every outfit you see and love will necessarily look good on you. Try everything on before you buy it and take a good look in the mirror. You should bring a friend with you to help. Be brave. You may be surprised about what actually looks nice on you. Try on as many clothes as you can stand, until you find outfit pieces that you can mix and match and feel great in every time.
Feeling good about yourself is the first step to being more beautiful. If you plan to make changes, make sure that you are making them for you, and not for other people. Let your looks reflect who you are on the inside.