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7 Tips for Wearing Mixed Prints

Tulika Nair Feb 27, 2020
Don't let the idea of wearing two prints together scare you. Let the seven tips given here help you ace the mixed prints trend in style.

Buy, don't Mix

If mixing prints using separates scares the hell out of you, because you are just not sure of how to go about it, buy a dress that has mixed patterns on it. Wear a belt to create a clear demarcation between the prints
Let's start with a confession here. I swear by block-colored clothing. Search my wardrobe high and low, and you'll probably find five pieces of clothing that have prints on them. So, when mixed prints became the trend to sport, I was one of those people hoping that it would be a passing fad.
And when that didn't happen, saying that I was heartbroken and petrified all at once would be an understatement. That's when I realized that may be, just may be, it was time to give prints a chance, and experiment with wearing them together.
A lot of trial and error later (where there were more fails than passes), I have understood how to wear mix prints, and that the only thing you need to wear this trend well, is a bit of smarts. So, here it is. What I have learned, are the only tips you need to wear bold, big, overwhelming prints together.

Wear big prints with smaller prints

Taking a risk is a little less scary when you start small. And in this case it's literally so. Wear prints in the same family but in two different sizes. Using the right scale and proportion for prints in the same family is a sureshot way of hitting it out of the ballpark.

Pick two prints with accents of the same color

Find the idea of wearing the same print too much? Well, you can try to unify your outfit by aiming at having the same color accents in the prints in both your separates. So, if your top has a blue floral print, opt for a chevron print with hints of blue for the skirt. The blue accents in the skirt and the top will help bring the outfit together as a whole.

Pick prints in the same color family

Sticking to the same color family is a great way for someone starting out to mix prints. In this scenario, think of the base color of the separates as the starting point, and let the prints be secondary. This way, there is always a running color in both pieces of clothing that makes it the perfect point to start off with.

Make stripes your neutral

Like black, white, gray, beige, etc., are the mainstay neutrals of the color world, in the prints family, stripes is the member that gets along with everyone. It is one of those prints that works beautifully with bolder and louder patterns, and is easy to combine with most other patterns.
Try to team it with paisley, geometric prints, or even animal prints, and you will see that it never fails.

Wear classic prints together

When I say classic prints, I am referring to those that have been around forever; stripes, dots, animal prints, plaid prints, and the like. Wearing two classic prints together is pretty much like wearing black and white together.
It always works. If you're afraid of it being too overwhelming, pick them in different sizes. For a dramatic effect, let both prints be big and bold.

Experiment with texture as a print

Most people don't really think of texture as a print, but if you look at a textured fabric, you will observe that it has a distinctive look which can give the illusion of a print.
Pair a top which has graphic prints with a textured bottom. I love this skirt with embellishment on it that makes for a brilliant pattern. Wearing the top with the lip print on it is a master stroke.

Combine abstract prints with structured prints

Wearing two strong prints together can be a painful idea for someone who is still starting out in the mixed prints world. For those novices, I suggest wearing a soft, abstract print with a more solid, bold print. This allows for a little bit of balance in the teaming of prints, and does not overwhelm the wearer.
Wearing prints together is never an easy task. It is a risky trend but if worn well, it is sure to floor even the most critical of fashion divas. When wearing prints, too much can be a bit of an eyesore, so let there be a method to the madness. Prints need confidence. They need a certain amount of boldness. Think Solange Knowles who rocks mixed prints. There's no better icon where this trend is concerned.