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Expert Tips to Choose Earrings that Perfectly Suit Your Hairstyle

Sheetal Mandora Feb 12, 2020
Wearing different styles of earrings allow you to experiment with your look. But earrings that don't complement your attire or hairstyle can either make or break the look. Let this story be your guide to choose the right pair to match your hairstyle every time.

Making a Statement!

Before you select a pair that will complement your hairstyle, keep the occasion in mind as well. If you're wearing statement earrings, keep other accessories to a minimum as overdoing it will defeat the objective of showing off the earrings.
Eye-catching earrings is something that can breathe life into any outfit. It can also transform the way you look and feel; and represent yourself around others. Whether you choose to wear small diamond studs, or are an ardent follower of statement pieces, no outfit can be deemed complete without its presence.
So the next time you're about to head out the door, keep these factors in mind, and grab a pair of stunning earrings to showcase your personality. Depending on the hairstyle you are wearing, here are our suggestions on what type of earrings will suit you.

Choosing Earrings for Your Hairstyle

Besides selecting the color of the earrings, the length of your hair should also be taken into consideration. Keeping this vital factor in mind, we have provided a few options for you to choose from.

Ponytail or Braids

Some fashion experts advice against wearing long earrings with ponytails or braids, claiming that it can overpower the hairstyle. However, we beg to differ.
You can wear dangly earrings; but it's always a good thing to keep your hair sleek, and pulled back. It's all about finding the balance. With either hoop, chandelier, creole, or dangle earrings, what you're aiming for here is sophisticated-glam.
As far as side braids are concerned, even with the earlobes being covered with hair, long earrings will definitely make an impact.

Short Hair

Remember―always wear earrings, big or small, if you have short hair. Since the earlobes are exposed, more here than with any other length, it demands maximum attention.
If you're heading out to do some chores, then small earrings are fine. However, if an occasion demands you to take the extra efforts, do not hold back. Do select the not-so-obvious earrings like chandelier, dangles, or drop earrings as these will make your face appear slimmer.

Shoulder-length Hair

With shoulder-length hair, you have a wonderful advantage of choosing any type of earrings you like.
As the word any can be misleading at times, we ask you to stay away from too long, or too bulky earrings; anything except for these is great. So, go with studs, small loops, or small dangles, as neither of these earrings will dampen your style. Just be sure not to choose earrings that are longer than your jawline.

Long Hair

Letting your long, sexy hair down for the night? Don't settle for the clichéd diamond studs. Instead, try a slightly bigger version of studs, and transform your look altogether.
Or, if you're feeling a bit adventurous, then why not give statement earrings a chance. These earrings may be "too much" for some, but trust me ladies, it definitely is worth a try. Bold accessories are intended to stand out. The only thing you need to focus on is, not to wear a necklace with it.

Updos and Chignons

Whether you're getting ready for a prom or a wedding, or probably going out on a date, a stylish updo sure can speak volumes. And to complement the hairstyle, it's essential to choose the right pair of earrings.
Keep the color of your dress and its neckline in check before you pick the earrings. Other than that, you are free to choose from diamond or metallic studs, drop earrings, elongated earrings, hoop earrings, and what not.

With Accessories

Apart from the length and style of your hair, the accessories you choose to adorn it with also matters.
So, if you're planning to wear a headband, go with either a pair of swing or dangling earrings. You can also add earrings when you have a hat on. Yes, small studs and dangles give you a feminine appeal, even if your hair is tucked in.
Apart from your current hairstyle, the shape of your face will also determine the choice of earrings. Many women have no issues picking a pair; however, it can leave some of us slightly befuddled. A simple way to overcome this dilemma is to keep experimenting with your accessories, and trying out fresh and unusual combination.