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Tips to Dress an Apple-shaped Body

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 3, 2020
Dressing up an apple-shaped body is always a task that seems difficult. However, here's some advice that could come handy, the next time you decide to go shopping.

Characteristics of an Apple-Shaped Body

♥ Weight is seen around the stomach and upper thighs
♥ Bust size varies between average to large
♥ Undefined waistline
♥ Average height
♥ Shapely legs
It is difficult to look past the flaws of your body, especially when it is apple-shaped. Women possessing this body type do find it tough to dress themselves up, since any body-hugging or tight-fitting dress can make them seem all the more out of shape. This precise conundrum is what makes shopping for this body type, a frustrating exercise.
And we agree, it is not an easy job, but wearing the right clothes and styling them with the right accessories can transform your look very easily. One must remember that every body type can be dressed elegantly, sexily, and neatly with some credible fashion advice.
From what we have mentioned above, an apple-shaped body is slightly "top heavy" and has shapely legs, hence the key to dressing up is to wear clothes that draw the attention away from your midsection or waist, and focus more on the strengths―legs and neckline―thereby, create more balance in the look.
Here, we have provided various situational looks that can act as inspiration for an apple-shaped body who is struggling to get her style right. A point to remember though, these are just guidelines, so you can change and adapt or modify any look or garment that suits your preferences. Take a look!

Formal Wear

The discomfort of a tucked in formal shirt on apple-shaped body is not just experienced, but also seen.
The tight-fitting formal trousers make some serious VPLs (visible panty lines), and they also cut into flesh at unwanted places. This kind of clothing aggravates the problems of an apple-shaped body.
Pick the above shown look, with loose charcoal-colored palazzo pants, a delicate black blouse, and add the accents with total contrasts of your accessories. The magic of dark-colored clothes is such that it makes you look slimmer. Add to this effect with some heels, and lend more balance to your look by adding to your height.

Casual Wear

A lazy Sunday morning, the one that demands some fun time just by yourself, deserves comfortable clothing.
But that does not mean, it has to be unfashionable. Find yourself a pair of well-fitting denims, a simple T-shirt, a jacket that goes with the weather, a scarf which conveniently hides the midriff, and let's not forget the accessories.
A perfect handbag that complements your attire, and a pair of footwear that is comfortable to walk in all day, are an excellent choice for the casual wear section in your wardrobe.

Party Wear

Dressing up for a party is largely misunderstood as dressing skimpily.
Looking stunning has nothing to do with showing off skin. A simple but colorful dress which ends just at your knees, is an ideal party wear for your body type. This covers the unflattering areas, and draws attention towards the better aspects of your body. Accessorize your dress with contrast accessories, and get ready to party till the sun comes up!

Day Out Wear

There is always a need for casual clothing, especially when you are going out with friends to watch a movie, or just catch up over coffee.
Get a little flirty with a cute short skirt and simple vest, a nice pair of amber heels, a handbag that perfectly complements this outfit. The whole point of this attire is to highlight your shoulders, collarbone, and shapely legs.

Date Night Attire

A lot of thought is put into getting ready for a date night.
After all, a date could always be a make or break for the next thing in the near future. This time around, take up this advice a little more seriously. Bring out your femininity with fabrics, colors, and delicate prints.
Pick a white dress with girly prints, such as butterflies, flowers, or hearts, which takes away the attention from your midriff, and instead, focuses more on other aspects of your body, like long legs and beautiful arms. Team up this dress with color coordinated earrings, wedges, and a bag.
An important thing to remember while dressing up an apple-shaped body is to avoid tight-fitting clothes. Wearing heels will create an illusion of a balanced body.
Avoid wearing horizontal stripes as they make you look broader than you actually are. Mixing up too many prints and patterns should also be avoided as they highlight your weak points. Always remember that adding an illusion of height will always work in your favor.