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Tips to Wear Lace Dresses Stylishly

Tulika Nair Mar 2, 2020
Lace―the beautiful, dainty, feminine fabric that can make you ooh and aah. It can be gorgeous if worn well, but it can also be provocative if worn without proper thought. We, at Style, help you maneuver this very tricky path and wear lace dresses with flair.

Get the Expert In

Take the advice of celebrity stylist Ali Levine seriously. She suggests that you visit a seamstress before you wear your lace dress. This is to ensure that the dress is neither too long (which can make it overwhelming), nor too short (which can make the dress seem indecent).
Simple, sweet, trashy, naughty, conservative, coquettish, provocative, frumpy; all these adjectives are ones associated at different points of time with the same fabric―lace. It can be downright mind-boggling how one cloth can be all these different things.
But that is exactly what makes lace such a difficult trend to wear. So, how do you ensure that no matter what you do always turn out right in your little lace number. Well, for one, you take our advice seriously.
Lace has come a long way from being the frock worn on birthdays and the fabric used for our grandmothers' handkerchiefs. It's been modified and upgraded and it's time you said hello to lace 2.0 without doing it badly.

Tip #1 - Embrace Color

Traditionally when we think lace, we tend to think of basic, neutral colors like white, ivory, cream, and black. This season say hello to lace and its more colorful varieties. While classic colors can work for most occasions, they also tend to make an outfit predictable.
Bright, bold colors make the outfit youthful and different. And that, we believe, is never a bad thing. What colors to look for, you ask? Well, there is absolutely no limit to the colors that you can choose from.
But we suggest, you pick colors that are making waves in fashion circles right now; this includes blue, pink, tangerine, turquoise, and red. If you are all about making bold statements, then try your hand at a neon-colored lace dress.

Tip #2 - Flatter Your Body

Okay, maybe that will seem a little odd. After all lace is no Lycra. But what most people remain unaware of is that lace tends to enhance curves better than most other fabrics. But for it to do that, the dress needs to fit well, and work for your body type.
When someone looks at your dress, they shouldn't be thinking, "Oh God! She looks like the curtains in my mother's ancestral home." In fact, their first thought should be, "Is that ... no, she isn't ... what? That is lace?"
Ensure that your dress complements your best feature. The fabric should be cut and placed in such a way that your best assets are displayed.

Tip #3 - Keep it Simple

Almost every celebrity worth their fashion-diva status has worn lace in one form or another in the recent past. But there's no one who has done it with as much panache as the Duchess of Cambridge. She, in her choice of dresses, has used the most feminine fabrics of all, lace, and given it a slightly modern edge by choosing simple silhouettes.
Think shift dresses, skater dresses, and tea dresses. Also, she allows, mostly, for the attention to be directed to the dress and the fabric by opting for very minimalistic and few accessories. Lace has an inherent sex appeal that can be ruined by over-accessorizing. So, always try to keep your look sleek and classy.

Tip #4 - Wear it With Other Textures

For many women (including yours truly), lace can be a little too feminine (too reminiscent of your childhood matchy-matchy days). And then, if wearing lace seems tempting, what do you do? We suggest that you mix up a lace dress with other textures. A personal favorite is wearing lace with leather, but that can seem a little extreme.
Another option that you can try to wear with lace is denim for a casual, fun, morning look. If it's a swanky do that you're looking at, then try out lace dresses that are mixed with jersey and knit fabrics, silk, or even velvet. Too much lace can occasionally be extremely difficult on the eye.
When buying a lace dress, always ensure that you buy one made of high-quality lace. Your aim is to look elegant and stylish, not cheap and vulgar. Better quality lace will also last you longer and that always makes this a win-win.
While we did say earlier to opt for color, white and black are in no way no-nos. Just remember that black is too dramatic, and therefore, restrict it to evening events, and white can be tad too bridal, so wear it with colorful accessories.
Whether you are using it as a print, as strategically-placed panels, or as a complete dress, your wardrobe needs to have a lace dress. Just remember to ditch the overtly conventional route and opt for more non-traditional silhouettes.