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Tips to Wear a Sweater Dress Stylishly

Tulika Nair
What is better than a cozy, oversized sweater? We say, a sweater dress. It captures all the goodness of a sweater while proclaiming your femininity to the world. What more could you want?

Dress DIY

Want to make your own dress? We suggest that you get an oversized jumper from a seconds store. Cinch it with a thin belt for a refashioned-in-minutes sweater dress.
Let's get one thing out of the way first. We are all big, BIG fans of the oversized trend. But we are also sadly aware of the fact that it's not something that suits everyone.
So when something like the sweater dress makes it big on the fashion scene, our first worry is whether it will be flattering on everyone, or will the chunkiness of knits and shapelessness of the coziest sweaters make it a trend that will not work for everyone. After all, no one wants to look like they're wearing grandpa's old sweater.
If you choose the right fit and fabric, and style yourself well, then you should have absolutely no worries. Ensure that your sweater dress is not too loose or it will just make you look dowdy. At the same time, a skin-tight dress is a complete no-no.
Most sweater dresses tend to have a high neckline, so following the usual fashion diktat, you can show a little leg as it makes the overall look more appealing. The best thing that you can do is to go through these 6 tips that will tell you how to wear a sweater dress stylishly.
Wear it With Tall Boots
Most sweater dresses tend to end at your knees. While keeping yourself warm is obviously of prime importance in the chilly months of winter, you can choose to keep it stylish by wearing tall boots. Wear them with knee-high socks that just peek out of the boots for an adorable look.
If the cold is too much to take, wear a pair of skin-colored stockings to keep yourself warm. A sweater dress with a pair of boots is probably one of the most winter-appropriate looks.
Wear It With Leggings
We have always maintained that leggings need to be worn as what they are and not as substitutes for pants. And when winter shows its dreadfully cold face, there is no other piece of clothing that protects you better than a pair of leggings worn with a sweater dress.
Now, we all love a pair of black 'it-goes-with-everything' leggings, but this season, we challenge you to experiment a little. Try out those cutesy printed leggings making the rounds. If that is a little too much, then we suggest a pair of colored leggings.
Wear a Fit-and-flare Style
Rummage through aisles of sweaters for a great knitted dress, and more often than not, you will end up with a straight-fit, turtleneck dress. And let's be honest here, how many body shapes are there that can wear this style and not feel conscious about their bodies?
This is exactly why we love the new trend in town. A fitted top that highlights the waist and a flirty, full skirt that lets us revel in our girly selves. We also love the dress in this image here. Slightly reminiscent of the '20s' flapper dresses, it can be quite flattering on most women.
Wear a Printed Sweater
Okay. Yes, we all love our neutrals and plains. We love wearing single-colored clothes because quite frankly, prints tend to scare the best of us. What if I look too big? What if I look like a kid? These umpteen what ifs tend to cloud our brain, and prevent us from going all out with a printed sweater dress.
We say it's time to experiment. Wear a sweater with stripes, checks, or even polka dots. Not only will it be a pleasant change from the normal, it will also make your look stand out in the sea of blacks and blues.
Wear it Belted
These knitted beauties often tend to be oversized and humongous, which is great for making us feel all cozy and warm. But how do you show off your feminine self. We put our money on belts. They are great to highlight those curves that you want to show off without making it too uncomfortable.
Either tie a regular belt over your sweater, or just buy a dress that comes with an attached belt. Keep it simple and casual. We love the monochromatic, pristine look that the model has gone for in this image. And since winter white is such a huge trend, we suggest you go for it.
Get Some Color in There:
Agreed that winter is a dreary dark month, and yes, it takes a lot of effort to actually look beyond those grays, and blacks, and blues. But if you don't imbue some winter cheer in your outfit, then who will? We say, go kaleidoscopic. If neons catch your fancy, then get some neon accents in your dress.
If orange is your favorite color, then try a dress in a rusted shade. If going full color scares you, then opt for a colored scarf and a matching pair of leggings to give the dress the pop of brightness that it needs. Accessories are a great way of adding color to your outfit and also of giving your summer accessories a winter passage.
There you have it. How you could wear sweater dresses and do so with panache. Just follow these simple tips, and you will have a winner of a look on your hands.