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Tips for Buying Tote Bags for College

Rutuja Jathar Feb 12, 2020
Using tote bags for college is the latest trend amongst girls and boys. They are pretty useful, durable, and stylish at the same time.
In order to carry all the books, notebooks, project papers, research materials, activity books, and the rest of the stuff which is required for colleges, you need a durable and large bag.
A college bag or backpack is the best option that carries all your essentials and keeps your hands free. Carrying the same old pattern college backpack all the time and for each year starts to get boring.

A Tote Bag

A tote bag is nothing but a large purse or handbag which is used for carrying things in bulk. Marine community also uses tote bags, that are today popular as boat bags or sail bags.
Tote bags are ideal to carry all the important things like, books, everyday items, some clothes like a scarf, makeup items, cosmetics, and other trivial stuff. These bags are more popular amongst girls than boys. However, there is a wide range of tote bags for boys as well. Using these bags is the latest trend which is gaining popularity these days.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Tote Bag

Fashion tote bags are very useful for college going girls. First thing that you need to consider while purchasing a tote bag is that it should be large enough to carry the stuff that you need on a regular basis, which mostly includes books and notebooks.
Apart from that, the bag that you purchase should also have an additional space for your personal stuff like gadgets and cosmetics. It is the reason why one can say that choosing the right type of tote bag depends upon your personal preferences.
For instance, some may prefer a tote bag which is big enough to carry their laptop, while some may prefer a tote bag with extra space for their books as well as gym clothes. Hence, first of all you need to set your preferences straight before you start searching for the bag.
Tote bags are available in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. You should go for the one that best suits your daily college requirements. These bags are typically made of a heavily treated or tough material and hence they are quite durable for a long term and rough usage.
Common materials that are used for making tote bags are treated canvas, jute, nylon, treated polyester, cotton, etc. You can also find some chic pebble leather tote bags.
Some bags are available with zippers and compartments, while some are available with one large storage section. These bags are available in a wide range of size and price too. They are also available with slight modifications in the typical and cute messenger bags for laptops.

Popular Brands that Offer Tote Bags

There are various brands that offer you a great variety of college tote bags. You can also check some online stores and websites of popular brands and find out some great deals for cheap tote bags.

Tote bag: Which one to buy?

There are a few brands that specialize in tote bags for laptops, for instance Laurex and Hadaki Multitasker. If you want big tote bags for books and notebooks, you can prefer brands like Wildkin Butterfly, Dakine Ava, Ogio, Derringer tote bags, etc.
If you prefer alternative and Indie style bags, then Ed Hardy Unisex Messenger Bags, Disney Nightmare Before Christmas-Skull Punk Sally Goth tote messenger bag, band bags, leather bags, Guns N Roses, Ramones, etc., offer good options.
If you want large tote bags with typical plaids, you can search for the brands like High Sierra Plaid, Hurley Special Blend, Dakine Women's Messenger Print Bag, JanSport Elefunk, Roxy Broken Rules Laptop Bag, etc.
You will surely get some trendy plaid patterns like black and white saddle, chocolate chip saddle, sophisticated black plaids, classic plaids, Twilight plaid, plush plaid, Vivienne plaid, etc.
If you are in search of some plain and solid colored totes, then brands like Timbuk2, Hadaki Multitasker, Manhattan Portage, Clark & Mayfield, Northface Base Camp, etc., are made for you. Some popular colors for college tote bags are pink, black, purple, chocolate, green, light green, orange, black and white, multicolored stripes, and chocolate pink.
The prices of the bags vary according to their brand and style. You may also get some great additional discounts for online shopping. All these things make tote bags even more attractive, inexpensive, and all in all, a must have accessory for all college goers.