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11 Trendy Ways to Wear Trench Coats

Buzzle Staff Feb 29, 2020
A trench coat is a timeless piece of clothing and an absolute wardrobe must. There are numerous stylish ways to wear this classic, as it goes with literally any outfit. So whether you're wearing a dress or a pair of shorts, it's time to flaunt the 'trench look'.

Different Ways to Tie a Trench Coat Belt

You don't need to restrict yourself to the normal belt style. Experiment with varied knots, loops, and bows. Reinvent your jacket everyday!

Stylish Ways to Wear a Trench Coat

For Men

For a laid-back but stylish look, wear a trench coat with a casual T-shirt and jeans. Glares and sport shoes or sneakers will complete this look. If you wanna make a style statement, go in for a fashionable fedora that matches your jacket.
Trench coats, paired with formal attire, give a very sophisticated look. A scarf in a neutral color and a formal bag will take this corporate look a few notches higher.
Do ensure that your shoes match your pants, and the shirt is not more than two to three shades darker or lighter than your coat.

For Women

Boyfriend jeans are oh-so comfortable, especially when paired with T-shirts. Add a chic trench coat and you are set for a casual day.
For a brunch or shopping spree, you can wear sneakers, and replace them with glamorous heels for a dinner date.
The perfect winter combination: turtleneck sweater, trench coat, leggings, and knee-length boots. Go in for a classic long trench coat in beige or cream, for a timeless look.
Choose a stylish trench coat when wearing jeggings or leggings. Knee-length boots or heels will add the perfect pizzazz. If you are going for a one-color look, add a scarf in neon shades or bold prints, for added appeal.
When the weather gets chilly, a denim dress may not be enough to keep you warm, especially if it's sleeveless.
A trench coat will come to your rescue. Yup, a trench coat looks good with denim skirts, or dresses as well. Fresh shades or black will look better with denim than the typical beige or brown ones.
A smart trench look will instantly 'up' your style quotient at work.
Wear it with your fitted formal shirt and skirt for an effortless work look. Go for a coat with neat buttons, and let your shirt collar peek through it.
Denim shorts, printed shorts, or hot pants, a trench coat will look equally chic with any type. It is preferable to keep your coat open when pairing it with a pair of shorts.
This way, you get to flaunt your shorts as well as your coat. Sneakers or ballerinas will look good for a casual day look; opt for wedges or boots in the evenings.
Trench coats look fashionable with most dresses, and look extremely elegant with maxi dresses. The key is to pair the right colors. If your dress is the same shade as your jacket, you'll end up looking drab.
Go in for darker or lighter shades, or completely contrasting colors. If you are wearing a printed dress with bright colors, a classic beige trench coat will look perfect with it.
A shirt dress is becoming the wardrobe favorite of many ladies.
This versatile piece of clothing works as an amazing base for a trench coat. Two points to remember when going for this look: both the dress and the coat shouldn't be too loose, and the belts on the dress and the coat shouldn't be tied together.
This look will turn any normal day at work in to an uber stylish one.
A pencil skirt in colors like black, blue, or gray, paired with a light formal shirt, will look voguish with a smart trench coat. And yes, how can we forget the trendy pumps that will absolutely complement this attire!