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Types Of Jeans

Megha Tiwari Feb 13, 2020
Are you confused about which jeans you should choose? Here's a list of the types, that might solve your confusion.
Jeans are the most popular form of casual dressing round the globe. Their popularity has been consistent for many decades. With everyday changing trends, the patterns have also been changing. Being the most comfortable attire for any occasion, different types of jeans dominate most wardrobes. No wonder, it is called a 'Cool Casual'!
Various styles are available according to each body type. The wide variety has created a confusion in deciding the best suitable pair for oneself. The battle between boot cut vs straight leg, bell bottom vs flare cut, and slim fit vs loose fit, has made it very difficult to choose one out of so many. Here is the list of jeans for men as well as for women.

Jeans for Men

One should choose the style that best describes their personality. No doubt the classic jeans always give a great look, provided they have proper fitting.

Baggy Jeans

These are comfortable and loose. They are best for those who are tall, and have a good physique. For short and heavy men, it will give a wider look. However, a baggy pair is best to wear at home, and not for dates.
Don't confuse these with baggy ones. They are not at all similar.
Loose fits are neither baggy nor tight fit; they are somewhere between the two patterns. Such a pattern is not suited for short men because it makes them look shorter.

Boot Cut Jeans

As the name suggests, these are specially designed to wear along with boots. The material is a bit tight around the thighs to give a slimmer look. The end of the leg length flares out. Do not confuse these with flare cuts, because boot cuts are tapered to the knee, and slim at the thigh.

Straight Cut Jeans

Straight fit jeans are best for those having consistently shaped legs from hip to bottom. The bottom doesn't flair out. Such a pair is slightly slim through the bottom and ankle.

Skinny Jeans

Having many names like old-school hood jeans, tapered pants, ice-cream cone pant, carrot leg pants, etc., these are very popular. They look great on perfectly shaped bodies.

Flare Cut Jeans

These look very similar to boot cuts, but it is a bit tighter, and the flare starts right from the knee. Usually worn below the waist, these jeans are roomy at the ankle, and tight-fitted at the waist.

Jeans for Women

Choosing a pair for women is very difficult. There are different patterns available for women according to their figures. Here are some that are very popular among women.

Straight Cut Jeans

This is a very basic pattern that will always remain in fashion. It fits all types of bodies and is the most comfortable of all. 

Skinny Jeans

These are popularly known as ladies jeans. This is a perfect choice for curvy women, and looks amazing. However, it does not suit the pear-shaped bodies, as it highlights the hips. This style is best for women with hourglass figure and long legs.

Boot Cut Jeans

These are very comfortable, and suit any body type. They can be paired with any top according to the occasion.
These are very comfortable, and suit any body type. They can be paired with any top according to the occasion.

Flare Cut Jeans

Flare cuts are only broad at the bottom. They were in fashion in the 60s, amongst the hippies and flower children.

Wide-leg Jeans

These have wide legs throughout. If you are looking for comfort, such denims match your requirement.
You must have some knowledge of the various trends and patterns of denims. This might solve your problem of selecting the best suitable pair for yourself, and ensure that you look your casual best.