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Useful Tips to Choose the Right Jewelry Box

Shalu Bhatti Mar 3, 2020
In every woman's life, perhaps even in case of men, there comes a need for an efficient container that preserves the most treasured ornaments ever worn―jewelry! This story gives you some useful tips to choose the right jewelry box according to your needs.
Gold happens to be the most popular choice in jewelry making. In ancient times, people thought that gold particles were tears of the Sun. Did you know? Research says that gold is actually made from collision of two neutron stars!
Gold, diamond, pearls, emerald, silver, topaz, platinum ... these elements are most preferred when it comes to a treasured piece of jewelry, no wonder we keep it in a box, that is commonly known as 'treasure box'.
Jewelry has been an integral part of civilization. Men and women adorned themselves with jewelry that, in a way, represented their rank and accomplishments in society. Some pieces of jewelry were worn for bringing forth good luck and protection from evil.
This is seen even today, wherein many people wear precious gemstones with a belief that they'll bring luck, success, and wealth in their lives. No matter what the reason be, jewelry has become an integral part of our lives, and thus, is the need to store it efficaciously.

Points to Consider While Choosing the Right Jewelry Box

Buying a jewelry box can be as confusing as buying a jewelry item. We know what it feels to be surrounded with endless entrancing options in a store. While we would love to pick one and all, we also would not want to feel the sting of going overboard and disturb our budget.
To avoid the shopping dilemma that comes naturally to us during these times, it is better to plan out in advance. Being clear about what you want in the first place, helps eliminate most of the options, much easily. The following are the points you must keep in mind while going jewelry-box shopping.


Yes, we know that the purpose to buy a jewelry box is to store jewelry, duh! But there are variations to it. If you want to gift it to someone―we think a charming small beaded jewelry box would be ideal for this.
Large wooden or metal jewelry boxes―often found with decorative carvings―are ideal for both utility and decorative purposes, but require a fixed space for placement. If you tend to travel a lot, compact boxes with handles or leather straps are a good option.
Last but not the least, if you are also in love with the iconic musical jewelry boxes, like we are, then your jewelry box would be more than just a container, reminding you of the past few decades―perhaps the late 1800s and early 1900s?

Size and Spacing

It is important to sort of analyze what kind of jewelry collector you are. If you are one of those who has a matching piece of earrings, bangles, necklace, or perhaps, anklets, with every clothing, then you must go for a huge, spacious, more of a closet-like jewelry box.
There are many people who have more earrings than any other jewelry item; some might have more rings and chains, as compared to other items. Depending upon the dominant jewelry type you own, select a box that has ample amount of space to accommodate your precious ornaments.
Jewelry boxes that come with separate compartments for storing different types of jewelry are the best option to go for; they don't have any room for the different items getting entangled while the box is moved or hurriedly searched by us while selecting an appropriate option to wear at the last minute. Consider all these factors and make your choice.


Perhaps the most confusing factor of all, choosing the right design can be an extremely daunting task. An important tip to save yourself from getting all the more befuddled, is to recall the theme of your jewelry, or your room.
If you plan to place the jewelry box out in the open for aesthetic purposes, keep in mind the decor theme of your room where you'd be placing the box. Another good tip is to consider the kind of jewelry you want to store in the box. For instance, if your collection is sort of traditional or ethnic, go for a design that complements it.
These were the basic factors, pondering upon which would get a significant percentage of the task done. These tips will help you narrow down your choice from many, to a few. Consider the material and make of the box, is it too harsh or heavy to carry? Is it long-lasting and durable?
A good jewelry box is the one that not only accommodates your jewelry comfortably, but is also convenient enough when it comes to usability, handling, and longevity. Inspect the box for any possible defects in the drawers, locks, compartments, and surfaces. Make sure that the box you select is worth the amount you spend.