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Want to be a Fashion Blogger? Start a Unique Blog of Web Stories

Manali Oak
Realize your dream of becoming a fashion blogger. Start a blog that harnesses the unique Web Stories format and boost your reach and user engagement.
So if fashion is your passion, start a blog and create Web Stories. Give fashion advice, styling tips or compile photos or videos of fashion trends.
What makes Web Stories unique is their amazing combination of search engine-friendliness and user appeal. They are searchable on the open web and can rank in search engines.
They are fast-loading, visually engaging and mobile-focused. Thus, they excel at performance as well as in user engagement metrics.
Better yet, Web Stories rank in a dedicated section on Google's 1st page and the introduction of AdSense ads in them, has paved a way for ad revenue.
Thus, if created with high-quality content, they have a huge possibility to rank, thus helping you attract more users and hold their attention.
If you had thought your blog will disappear in the already crowded space of fashion blogs, WITH WEB STORIES, IT WON'T! The content format will make it stand out.
Since this format is relatively new, adopting Web Stories will give you the advantage of less competition.
How to start a Web Stories fashion blog? Well, Visual Stories can help you. They give you a no-code solution to start a Web Stories blog. It is a PWA and you don't have to worry about its setup, hosting and maintenance.
Technical SEO is implemented and it receives automatic feature updates.
To create Web Stories on the blog, you get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG, feature-rich tool with a media library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories. You can also upload your own images and videos in the Stories.
Package your content in the Web Stories format and see your following grow.
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