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Tips to Buy the Warmest Gloves

Sujata Iyer Feb 13, 2020
Wearing the warmest gloves in winter is one of the most important anti-cold measures you can take. Find out which they are, here.
The best and obviously the most practical thing to do in winter is dress right. We have to dress ourselves in proper attire, so that we can withstand the biting and often freezing cold. Cold seeps into our body mainly through our hands and feet.
We may have really strong boots to keep our feet warm, but it is imperative that we also have the warmest gloves to keep our hands warm. Give here are some options for gloves that you can try out to keep your hands warm.

Warmest Gloves for Women and Men

While some people prefer to stay indoors in the harsh winter, some have an adventurous streak and plan their winter vacations much in advance. Some may like to go on a ski vacation.

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Others may prefer simple activities like winter camping, which is an adventure on its own. The outdoorsy feel is exhilarating and leaves them refreshed. And just because it's cold does not necessarily mean that they need to say goodbye to their passion. All they need is the appropriate clothing to keep them warm and comfortable.
One of the most important parts of this clothing is gloves. Given here are some of the warmest gloves available to help you fight the blistering cold.

Manzella Fahrenheit 5 Gore Tex Gloves:

If you're looking for warm gloves that will be easy to wear and durable in the harsh snow when you go skiing or snow boarding, then these are the ones for you.
Manzella Fahrenheit 5 Gore Tex Gloves, as the name suggests, are made of Gore-Tex, which is a waterproof fabric designed especially for rugged use. In addition to this, the fabric allows breathing, which keeps the hands and palms dry. These gloves are very durable and at the same time very comfortable and soft to wear.

Black Diamond Legend:

Most popular with men, Black Diamond's Legend gloves also have a Gore-Tex lining. In addition, they are comfortable and can be stretched all four ways to ensure the perfect fit. They are waterproof and made up of nylon that has been woven together. This makes them resistant to lesions and wounds that you may encounter in the course of outdoor activities.

Manzella Adventure 100 Women's Gloves:

Designed for women, these gloves from Manzella, are amongstĀ the warmest gloves for women. They have 2 layers of Gore Windstopper to protect from intense cold and have a Primaloft insulation layer. These two features accompanied with a leather palm for grip and a micro-fleece lining to keep the hand moisture-free make them perfect for adventurous women.

Best Material for Warm Gloves

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There are some special materials which enable the hands to remain unaffected by the cold. HereĀ are some good ideas that you need to keep in mind, the next time you go shopping for gloves.


Thinsulate gloves have been worn since the late 1970s. They can be made from vinyl, cloth or leather. These are the primary materials, and inside is present a layer of insulation of different fibers to keep the hands warm.


Thinsulate is nothing but a silk which has been treated and processed in order to make it more resistant to cold. These gloves generally have three layers: one outer, one insulation, and one liner. Silk, already being a good material to wear in winter, gets further enhanced in these gloves and keeps one warm and comfortable.

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Apart from gloves, the best option to keep you warm in the cold are definitely mittens. You get different types of mittens with insulation, linings, and glove liners that you can wear. You can also wear them over your regular gloves if you want.
Now you know what goes into making the warmest gloves. So when you go shopping, remember to check for all the materials mentioned, if not the specific brands. Have a warm winter!