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5 Ways to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

Tulika Nair Mar 3, 2020
Make the Little Black Dress your canvas. Use accessories to style it in different ways. This story gives you some tips and outfit ideas that may just be the inspiration you need.
One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.
- Karl Lagerfeld
What can one say about the Little Black Dress (LBD) that hasn't been said before? Every woman has heard of its epic-worthy superpowers. Dress it up or down, wear it with heels or flats; it never fails to make a mark. This black beauty will never discriminate; not on color, and definitely not on size.
Regardless of whether you're a size 0 or a size 18, it has the ability to transform you into the most beautiful woman in the room. Impossibly chic, your wardrobe just cannot be called complete without the LBD. On a day when no outfit seems to be doing the trick, the black dress hanging in your closet is always the perfect solution.
So, how do you give this gorgeous wardrobe staple a makeover to suit every occasion, every situation, and every mood? How do you ensure that you, in your LBD, will make heads turn every time? This is where we come in.
We give you pointers on how to transform your LBD. We also give you some outfit ideas that you could use to stimulate the fashionista in you, to come up with your own ensembles.

Glamorizing the Already-glamorous LBD

First introduced as the very zenith of style in 1926 by the Grand Dame of fashion - Coco Chanel, the Little Black Dress immediately caught the imagination of the fairer sex. Touted for its versatility and accessibility, the LBD has gone from being 'just another fad' to a 'wardrobe must-have'.
It can be worn anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. So, when you pick your LBD from the closet for a day around town, how do you take your outfit up a notch? Here are some quick tips.
Pick a statement piece that will offset the dress. A dainty chain with an eye-catching pendant, a chunky neck piece, chandelier earrings, cuff bracelet; your options are endless.

Next, let your feet do the talking. Pick shoes that make your day bright and happy. Choose a pair (heels or flats) that complements your jewelry; in color, style, and mood.
Wise women have said that your bag says a lot about you. Choose a faithful carryall that will suit the event. It is needless to say, of course, that it should complement your other accessories.
Looking for something extra? A scarf, a belt, or even a jacket may just do the trick. Pick one in a flattering cut that ends just above the waist.
Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to transform your already-gorgeous LBD into an even more exquisite outfit.

The Prettification of the LBD in 5 Divine Ways

We can say a lot about accessorizing the LBD, and how you could go about it, but we believe that nothing works better than visual inspiration. So, here they are - 5 gorgeous ways in which you could steal the show in your LBD.
On a Monday morning, when nothing seems to be going quite right, an LBD can be the perfect way to perk up your day. Wear it with a chic blazer/jacket, a pair of matching pumps, understated yet elegant earrings, and a luxuriously divine bag. You will be ready to take on any task thrown your way.
The birds are singing, the weather is perfect, and you feel brighter than sunshine. What else would be the perfect outfit to complement such a day but the faithful black dress?
Surprised? Wear your LBD with an ultra-colorful scarf, color-blocked heels/flats, and appropriately matched hoops. You will be taken aback by how brilliantly vivacious you feel throughout the day.
Did you think that the LBD could work only for formal affairs?
Or that it was to be restricted to a dinner date or your office? You couldn't be more mistaken. Team the LBD with a pair of sneakers/booties, carry a rugged sling bag, and add a bit of femininity with a low-slung belt. It can be the perfect look for a day at a game.
On a night when you and your girls want to paint the town red, a Little Black Dress could be the perfect outfit to don. Just wear your dress with some sky-high, blingy, will-make-Victoria-Beckham-jealous pumps, and the perfect shimmering, sequined jacket. No one is going to be able to look away from you.
The perfect little dress to wear to an event which demands your best, up the glamor quotient of your LBD at a cocktail party. Wear it with shimmering heels, a stunning bracelet, a to-die-for clutch, and just the right amount of sparkle with chandelier earrings. You will do no wrong with this outfit.
Updating a look to make it instantly trendy is a matter of minutes with a black dress. Experiment with colors, mix metals, up the bling quotient; there are so many different ways in which you can make your Little Black Dress stand out. It is only a matter of unleashing the stylist in you.
Challenge yourself, and mix and match your accessories with your LBD, so as to create different looks. You will always have a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous outfit in your wardrobe.