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Ways to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 2, 2020
Dressing an hourglass figure is a dream for every designer. After all, it is the ideal body shape any woman could ever have. Check ways of dressing up this desirable figure to accentuate the curves and bring out the femininity.
"I don't get this whole super-skinny obsession. I really think women look more beautiful when they let their curves show."
― Vanessa Marcil
The hourglass figure has been a muse for several sculptors, painters, and writers, since ages. Defined by a well-balanced bust and hips with an accentuated waistline, this body shape was especially popularized by Marilyn Monroe. The curvy voluptuous figure is coveted my most women; however, only a few own it.
If you are one such lucky woman, here's your chance to accentuate your figure with a killer wardrobe makeover. However, before you plan your shopping spree, take a look at some of the important traits of an hourglass figure.

Traits of an Hourglass Figure

♥ The width of your bustline and hipline is nearly the same.
♥ The waistline is defined. It proportionately divides the bust and hip.
♥ Shapely legs.
♥ A curvy body as opposed to thin model-like frame.

Formal Wear

The most envious part of an hourglass figure is the perfect waistline.
Accentuate your waistline with a high-waisted skirt or pants. To define it further, tuck in your shirt, add a belt for the desired intricacy, and let the look speak for itself with muted tones of your accessories. Make a bold statement with subtle colors and design which will bring out your body shape in the best possible way.

Casual Wear

An hourglass figure can pull off anything, and a living testimony to that is Scarlett Johansson in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She roamed the streets of Barcelona in the most unassuming attires, but still managed to find herself an acclaimed painter!
That's the magic of dressing up an hourglass figure. Bring out those bold shoulders with a simple singlet, and draw all the attention to the full hips with a straight-fit denim. A slight heel will not only add to your height, but also create an illusion of a balanced figure.

Party Wear

Fitted dresses will bring out your curves and show off your waist.
This is the best way to play up your feminine figure. A well-fitted dress which ends just at your knees, holds your waist with a distinct belt, and bares your shoulders, is a great way to dress for a party. You can add a dash of glamor to your party outfit with sparkly accessories.

Day Out Wear

A day out with girlfriends after a hectic week at work, is a well-deserved break.
A day as such demands a slightly playful attire. Ring out the dullness, and embrace the warmth of a weekend, with bright colors.
A short strapless dress, which flaunts your well-structured shoulders, full bustline, thin waist, and shapely legs, is perfect outfit to paint the town red. Draw attention to your shoulders, with shiny earrings that match your shoes and other accessories.

Date Night Attire

Make a priceless impression on your date night, with the right outfit.
Once again, a dress is a suitable option for this occasion and for your gorgeous figure. A strapless dress made of flowy fabric will create the much-needed ethereal look on your perfect figure.
Pick a subdued tone of pink to emphasize your femininity by bringing out your curves. Add accents of black through your accessories for a hint of sharpness, and voila, you are ready for your date tonight!
An important thing to remember while dressing up an hourglass figure is to balance the curves. Avoid wearing too many prints, as it will make you look too busty on top and heavy at the bottom. Stick to solids, light floral prints, and well-fitting clothes to make that waist look sexy, every time you step out!