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4 Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts

Sheetal Mandora
Let your minis take a breather, and instead, wear a maxi skirt for a refreshing, yet exciting variety. We give you some valuable tips to wear maxi skirts the stylish way.

Shop Smart

Always purchase a maxi skirt that fits you well. To be absolutely sure, take the measurements of your waist and hips, and ask the salesperson to help you choose from various styles and patterns.
Maxi skirts are super fun to wear during summertime. But, you can definitely make use of them all year long. If the weather isn't too chilly, and you want to try something different rather than putting on a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and Uggs, a maxi skirt is the answer. They are super easy to be thrown on, ridiculously comfortable, and can be paired with tons of accessories.
Don't believe us? Just see for yourself as we go over 4 amazing ways to wear maxi skirts.

What to Wear with Maxi Skirts

Whether you have a solid-colored maxi skirt, or one with prints, there are several fun ways to wear them. Plus, you don't have to shop for accessories as they can be paired with different tops and jackets, in various colors.
Corset Top and Maxi Skirt
Talk about staying trendy and feminine! A gorgeous corset top (with or without straps, the choice is yours) accentuates your curves, and all for the right reasons. For a stylish impact, try a neutral-colored top with a bold, solid-colored skirt.
For an evening look, it's best to stick to the classic hues like black or dark blue. This way, you can keep a level of sophistication and class to your attire. Add your accessories keeping the color of the skirt in mind, because at the end of the day, it's the entire ensemble that will be noticed; and of course, the star who's wearing it too.
Full Sleeve Blouse and Maxi Skirt
Many women tend to wear form-fitting tops to counteract the skirt's flowy shape. But, if you're not comfortable with this idea, you can always break the trend. A fantastic way of doing this is by wearing a loose long-sleeved blouse.
This combination complements one another, and can be worn at multiple occasions. If you feel like taking this combination one step forward, opt for a printed blouse and pair it with exciting accessories. Try on a funky necklace, a vibrant clutch, or a pair of bedazzling shoes. Basically, when it comes to putting together this combo, sky's the limit.
Lightweight Sweater and Maxi Skirt
When the weather isn't quite delightful to wear your cute tops, why not settle for something warmer, yet sexy. We are talking about adding layers, without having to forgo your fashion-forward attitude.
Wear a lightweight sweater with a cool-colored maxi skirt to turn up the heat. Even though the pairing doesn't give you a polished look, it definitely has potential. The fuller skirt works amazingly well with minimal accessories. So, wear this ensemble when you're heading out to a flea market or having a cuppa with the gals.
Tank Top and Maxi Skirt
It's often seen that women wear their maxi skirts low. This gives a more boho or casual feel to it. So, if you want to go for a dressier look, choose to wear your skirt slightly higher on your waist.
But, we never said anything about not trying a different approach to combining your skirt with other pieces. Here, we have taken a classy-looking ensemble, and jazzed it up a bit with a simple sleeveless denim jacket. Adding the bold and feisty red accessories takes this ensemble to a whole new level, doesn't it?!
When you decide to wear a maxi skirt for a specific occasion, know if it's a casual or formal affair. That way, you can dress up or tone down the "glam" factor. Always dress to impress, and don't be afraid to include bold accessories to really outshine, even if that's not what you're "actually" aiming for.