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What to Wear with Bright-colored Shoes

Sujata Iyer Feb 13, 2020
Bright. Flamboyant. Loud. Garish. Gaudy. Whatever you call bright-colored shoes, they've stolen the show from their more submissive counterparts and how! From celebrities to fashion bloggers to self-confessed fashion junkies, everyone's donning a pair. Have a look at how you too can rock in a pair of bright shoes!
Tip: When in doubt, match your bright shoes with an outfit or accessories in a color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel.
Here's the thing. Women really dress up for themselves. They do it because of the contentment that comes from looking in the mirror when wearing that perfect outfit, knowing that those hours of shopping, haggling, and guilty overspending have all culminated in a masterpiece.
The importance that shoes play in a said masterpiece is phenomenal. Far-fetched though all of this may sound, you simply cannot deny that shoes do make or break the overall appearance.
One of the latest trends to have taken the fashion world by storm is that of neon and bright-colored shoes. It's time to push those neutrals away and embrace color like it's meant to be. Check out Buzzle's take on how a pair of bright shoes can be worn.


  • Blue Blast
  • Polished Pink
  • Yummy Yellow
  • Awesome Orange
  • Gorgeous Green
  • Ravishing Red

Wear Your Bright Shoes Right!

Matching your top with your shoes is not compulsory. That's right! You don't necessarily have to go matchy-matchy to pull off a pair of bright shoes. Shades in the same color family are perfectly acceptable.
They can be worn with neutrals as well as brights. Wearing colorful shoes with toned-down outfits is a rule that most people abide by. And though it does wonders in spiriting down and neutralizing the overall effect, sometimes, you just wanna have some fun with color! So, ditch the grays, beiges, creams, and whites, and have a blast with bright-colored outfits.
Clashing colors are a complete no-no. Bright clothes can be worn with bright shoes, agreed. However, you must be really picky about which colors you pick to wear. Colors that clash can totally ruin an ensemble, making you look like someone out of a psychedelic trance.
Aim for a well-orchestrated mismatch. Matching may not be your thing, and you may want to make a statement by doing something more offhand. The key to this is to mismatch your outfit with your shoes so perfectly that it seems like a match made in sartorial heaven! For instance, make a statement with a yellow shirt, a pair of black pants, and a pair of bright, brown shoes.
This just in! Coordinating your shoes with your accessories is awesome! For someone who's just beginning to appreciate the vibrancy that color brings to outfits, going full-out rainbow is definitely out of the question. Begin with sporadic pops of color. Match your shoes with bright chunky jewelry, a headband, or even just your sunglasses. Take baby steps. Savor the attention and confidence, and you can gradually move to incorporating more color.
When all else fails, match your shoes with your bag and/or belt. This is more of a last resort than a rule when it comes to teaming clothes with bright shoes. So, use it wisely and only when you can't think of anything else to possibly wear.
Now that we've got the dos and don'ts out of the way, let's have a look at some fabulous examples of how you can own an outfit with bright-colored shoes!

Blue Blast

Dress it UP: Sunny yellow and royal blue are BFFs, and no one can argue with that. Just see how beautifully they complement each other! Add a string of blue pearls and you've brought sexy back!
Dress it DOWN: Blue and deep mauve. Who knew, right! The beauty of this combination can be truly appreciated only once it's worn. So, what are you waiting for?

Polished Pink

Dress it UP: A classic LBD with a pair of bright pink heels! A combination you can never go wrong with. Throw in that stylish purse, and some gorgeous stone jewelry and you're as pretty as ever!
Dress it DOWN: Wanna do something girly, yet fun? Your pink shoes have already got you halfway there. All you need is a cute blue dress, rose sunglasses, a handbag, and a baby pink belt and you're all set!

Yummy Yellow

Dress it UP: Gray is the eternal favorite when it comes to toning down colors, especially one as bright as yellow.
Wear a gray and yellow dress, top it with a gray sweater and bright yellow scarf, carry a nice, big yellow tote to complement it.
Dress it DOWN: How to dress down yellow shoes? One word: denims! The darling of casual dressing, denims are another great piece of clothing to wear with bright shoes.
Take a cue from the image here, and match funky yellow and green sneakers with either a pair of jeans or a cute little skirt. Try incorporating denim in accessories as well, like this casual, yet stylish bag.

Awesome Orange

Dress it UP: There aren't many who would dare to include a color as zesty as orange in a dressy outfit, but then you're not one of those, are you?
Take the edge off the bright orange with a classy brown formal dress. Pair it with a bohemian scarf, handbag, and a pair of posh sunnies for a fun-fabulous-flirtatious look!
Dress it DOWN: Though people may shy away from using orange in formal attire, it is one of the most adored colors to wear in a casual setting. It blends in so effortlessly, you don't even need to put too much thought into it.
Take this image for instance: it's a simple white sweater with a flirty black skirt―nothing too striking about it. But when paired with those gorgeous orange flats and that to-die-for bright orange purse, they transform the outfit into a cheerful and lively one!

Gorgeous Green

Dress it UP: Emerald, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013, is one of the colors to go for if you're aiming for a trendy and urbane look.
To further accentuate the green, pick a dress in a vivacious red and a pretty scarf and necklace in the same green.
Dress it DOWN: Light green high tops, a pair of lazy brown shorts, a plain green tee; doesn't do much, we agree. But when you combine these with multiple beaded bracelets, you've got yourself a great-looking outfit for a lazy summer afternoon!

Ravishing Red

Dress it UP: If you thought red wasn't a color to be messed with for formal dos, boy you are wrong.
We showcase here a snazzy-printed dress, with pops of red at just the right places. Paired with those breathtaking red peep-toes, and a plain(ish) bag, it completes the outfit with perfect harmony.
Dress it DOWN: Too much red can ruin a casual outfit.
Hence, it's important to understand how to use it to create a well-balanced look with your red shoes. Our recommendation: black dungarees with a black-white striped tee, a red scarf, and a huge red bag.
Bright shoes are here to stay. You can love them or hate them, but you simply cannot ignore them. So, break out of the neutral rut, and welcome color into your wardrobe and into your life!