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What to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Sheetal Mandora Feb 15, 2020
Pairing skinny jeans with the right, complementing clothing items and accessories can make a world of difference in your appearance. Find stylish outfit ideas for men and women with skinny jeans as you browse through the following Fashionhance post.

Pressed for time?

A button-down shirt (any color), thin belt, and black pumps will work wonders with your skinny jeans.
Whether you're a fan or skinny jeans or not, they have been in style for over a decade now, and are still going strong. They are versatile, chic, and best of all, surprisingly comfy once worn. With women and men relying on this denim style indefinitely, we thought to come up with year-round outfit ideas.


The first rule to wearing skinny jeans is to avoid wearing baggy, shapeless tops; regardless of your body type and height. Choose reasonably-fitted tops, jackets, blazers, and sweaters, and you'll be golden. In order to find the right pair for you, search for a brand that provides skinny jeans in good quality fabric with lots of stretch. Keep thin denim at bay; go with dark washes if you're concerned about not making the jeans too attention-worthy.

Summer Outfits

During the warm, sunny months, give your skinny jeans a fresh look with complementing t-shirts and tops. But, wait! That's not all. There are many brands that provide distressed and colored skinny jeans to make things much more interesting.

Wear it With Style

Distressed Skinny Jeans

Colored Skinny Jeans

Winter Outfits

From sexy boots to structured blazers, put your skinny jeans to work with these amazing outfit ideas. So, the next time you walk out the door, don't forget to layer your skinny jeans with shirts, jackets, blazers, scarves, and sweaters.

With a Jacket or Sweater

With Sexy Boots


Skinny jeans? For men? Is that even an ideal concept? Yes, it totally is! But since we're talking about outfit options for men, the fit has to be just right. For those with well-maintained bodies, a pair of spray-on jeans can be extremely tricky, but fun.
And as these jeans draw attention to imperfections easily, the only fact that'll make an outfit work is your confidence. As for a standard style (majority of which are shown below), you can be sure to find a wide range of clothing items and accessories that go perfectly with your jeans.
However, whichever style you choose, remember that your outfits have to have a specific balance.

Summer Outfits

With cool tees and relaxed shirts, it's like skinny jeans were made for hot days. Keep the time of the day and occasion in mind when you select an outfit.

With a T-shirt

With a Shirt

Winter Outfits

As the cold weather rolls in, you don't necessarily have to leave your skinny jeans at the back of the closet. The key concept is layering, and we've got some interesting styles for you to choose from.

With a Jacket

Pure Winter Style

Stylish Accessories

If you already own a pair (or two) of skinny jeans, you're quite aware of their versatility and comfort. Give these outfit ideas a shot, and don't get intimidated to experiment with your ensemble.