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What to Wear with Women's Oxford Shoes

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 17, 2020
A pair of Oxfords is all you need to make a powerful style statement. Here's how you can create five different looks with a simple pair of old-fashioned Oxfords.
"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."
― Marilyn Monroe
Oxford shoes have taken awhile to be a part of a woman's wardrobe. These inherently men's shoes, have evolved over a period of time to suit the fairer sex too. These distinctly-toed shoes were first seen in Ireland and Scotland, then they were called Balmorals, after the Queen's castle. In due time, as fashion traveled across waters, these were rechristened as Oxfords after Oxford University.
Over the years, Oxfords evolved from being plain formal shoes to patterned, multicolored, and high-heeled, especially for women. In today's time and age, Oxfords have become a wardrobe staple for the charming, geeky, chic, and androgynous style they offer.

If you are still not sure how to make a style statement with these shoes, here are few ideas put together for you.

Look # 1

The classic pair of black and white Oxfords with rivet detailing are a must-have. Interestingly, these can be worn with formal and casual attire. Wear these to your office with a pair of black formal slim-fit trousers, a regular white shirt, and half-sleeved black jacket. You can also wear them with your pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans, a loose sweater with leather patches, and the much-needed leather sling bag. The trick is to make one aspect of your body look more feminine if the other has a hint of masculinity.

Look # 2

The masculinity of Oxfords are definitely worth cashing in on.
Pair them up with your old, faded-out denims that end just at your ankles, a cropped sweater which bares your toned midriff, a scarf that adds an interesting accent, and a bag that will carry your essentials for the day. Lastly, do not forget the pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the harsh sun.

Look # 3

The same old jeans can be used to create a more effeminate look with a pair of pastel-colored Oxfords.
For your next look, pick a shoe pair which is light in color and is made of soft fabric. Team it with your denims, a T-shirt that matches your Oxfords, a cute scarf, a geometrically-patterned bag, and sunglasses. This is the perfect look for a picnic day with friends and family.

Look # 4

A little retro can sometimes create a great style statement. Pair your bold-colored Oxfords with a floral print jumpsuit, a dashing sling bag, some accessories, and the big framed sunglasses. Let your jumpsuit draw attention to your great shoulders, while the slightly heeled shoes add to your height.

Look # 5

We've only seen pants until now. But Oxfords can very well be worn with a cute dress too.
As seen above, an A-line dress with a bold leather belt will bring out curves, adding a great touch of femininity. Wrap a scarf around your neck for the sexy celebrity look, and a bag to take on the day with needed enthusiasm. A casual dress will balance the masculinity of your shoes and the femininity of the rest of your attire.
The trick to make Oxfords a fashion hit is to buy the ones that end just at your ankles. Show off your thin toned legs in case of a short dress or your ankle just above it. Always pick lighter or neutral tones so that the colors do not clash. Keeping the look subdued and color-coordinated is the key to pulling off Oxfords with any outfit!